How to Homeschool When Life is Crazy

December 7, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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This topic honestly couldn’t have come at a better time than now. Let me explain. How to homeschool when life is crazy is a cloud that hangs over homeschooling parents throughout the holiday seasons and chaotic times throughout the year.

How to Homeschool When Life is Crazy

Lord knows there are times that are just too much. I have been there, many times over. Even now life is LOCO.

I have been a full-time work-at-home for quite some time now. Earlier this year my husband started a small construction business, but mostly doing renovations or fixing things, etc.

Well, the Lord had different plans, and we definitely weren’t prepared. I was added a whole load of administrative work (i.e. invoices, quotes, pay, taxes, receipts). On top of educating kids, working at home, keeping the home tidy, and making meals, now THIS.

I have a friend that roadschools. She manages several projects, homeschools, and just had some major life events over and over, not to mention the countless tires that keep blowing on the road.

I want to cry sometimes, to be honest, she has been, there, and you may have as well. I mean, Lord knows it can be worse, in different ways. Way worse. However, life has a way of bringing new challenges and new trials.

We get chance after chance to look to the Lord for his guidance and to rest in him. Boy, do we need and get some wake-up calls along the way. Whether we want them or not, whether we are ready for them or not.

So what do we do with homeschooling when a crazy life is inevitable for a season in life? (A season or two)

It has been a really long road for many of us. I wish we could all get together for some coffee (or whatever your preference is) and just talk. We could talk about what each of us has done to get us by.

We could discuss what we needed to homeschool despite our circumstances, regardless of how busy, overwhelmed, and ill-equipped we were.

Try STEM and get away from the lesson plan.

You may need to step away from your lesson plan, step away from texts, and do something fun and engaging yet full of learning. STEM challenges are a great place to start. They may even help take your mind away from stress.

Here are some stem ideas for you below:

FREE STEM Resources for Arts & Music

FREE STEM Resources for Arts & Music

7 Super Simple STEM Activities for Young Kids

Give worksheets – don’t hate me.

Listen. I am just keeping it real here. You want to keep things moving in your homeschool but you can’t be fully there when it is crazy. Pull out some worksheets on subjects you have been teaching and let your kids do a review.

You are NOT a bad mom if you give your kids worksheets to help you make it through the day. This is especially true when life gets super crazy. Hand out some worksheets and keep your kids reviewing and practicing when you cannot move on to the next topic soon because of life.

Free Number Practice Worksheets (Instant Download)

Free Number Practice Worksheets text with image of a boy writing on paper using a pencil

Printables and Worksheets for Learning Letters and Letter Sounds

Free Printables and Worksheets For Learning Letters and Letter Sounds text with image background of plastic letters of the alphabet

Give yourself grace.

Boy, are we quick to tell others about God’s grace. How quick are we to speak of His grace then turn around and condemn ourselves for not doing enough.

Give yourself and your children some grace. Don’t panic about homeschool due dates or failed exams or delays in your set timelines. Give grace, catch up later.

Take it one moment at a time.

I know it is easy for me to say “catch up later.” However, in the grand scheme of things, once you look back you will be glad you decided to take things one moment at a time. In life, at times it seems as though we need to depend on the Lord – moment by moment.

Be intentional about staying grateful.

Little wins are BIG wins when life gets crazy. Any step forward is a step in the right direction.

There was a point where things were pretty crazy and our car kept breaking down. We had n money to fix it. My kids and I just started to pray before we set off anywhere. Whenever we would notice yet a new sound in the car, one of us (or all of us if we noticed at the same time) would yes, “It’s the sound of a blessing!”

We just intentionally made the best of things – and made precious memories along the way.

Take some time or a break if you have to.

I mentioned this above but in the grand scheme of life and raising our children in the way to go – we have freedom and peace. Take a week off if you have to. Take a couple of days off.

You will look bad and be glad you did before it was too late. The Lord has a way of us slowing us down if we do not choose to do it on our own. SO slow down, take time if you need to – ten get back on track.

Reach out – for help if you have to.

If you have any friend out there, a family member. Ask for some help. If you do not ask for help all the time, someone will be willing to give their time.

Ask as a family member to help you teach a subject for a couple of days. Give them the materials and let them do it. If you have to do tasks that you can ask someone to do for you, let them.

My friend lives way out of town. Whenever I know I will drive by her house, I ask if she needs anything from town. She is a missionary and has 6 boys. People are willing to help once and a while, especially if it is offered – take the help.

Most of all, PRAY and surround yourself with Christ.

Apparently, prayer is supposed to be like breathing. Could you imagine our lives if we looked at it this way?

Luke 2:36-38 tells us that praying is a way we serve and obey God. In Philippians 4:6-7, God commands us to pray. Remember that fervent prayer accomplishes much, and so praying through your crazy life will get you through that crazy life.

FREE Printable Scripture Cards to Pray Over Your Homeschool | Proverbial Homemaker

Praying Into My Homeschool Prayer Journal FREE Sampler | Wildly Anchored

I am not saying that learning how to homeschool when life is crazy can ever easy. However, it is worth every effort to try to make it the best you can.

How to Homeschool When Life is Crazy


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