Homeschooling with Hulu

February 11, 2019

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As more families transition away from traditional cable TV toward streaming options, Hulu holds its own despite being in Netflix’s giant shadow. Setting itself apart from Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu boasts the ability to play many current shows the morning after they air on TV, a huge draw to busy individuals who can’t keep up with TV show schedules anyway.

Following our blog posts about homeschooling with Amazon Prime and homeschooling with Netflix, we continue our series on educational streaming options with a look at 9 things currently on Hulu that you might like to watch with your homeschool family.

Homeschooling with Hulu


How It’s Made
How is aquarium glass made or where do toy figurines come from? Perfect for a curious child, this show gives fascinating high-tech answers to questions many of us haven’t even thought to ask.

NASA 360
Technologies developed by and for NASA reach far beyond space travel. This show explains how these NASA technologies are used in everything, including everyday consumer products.

This Discovery Channel series tests the validity of urban legends like whether an arrow carrying explosives can split a tree in half or if a sailboat can be propelled by a fan on its own deck. Using physics and the scientific method, each urban legend is tested and declared reality or myth.


Horrible Histories
This series from the U.K. is a facetious take on some of history’s oddest moments. This series covers some surprising and, at times, unsettling historic truths, so we recommend parental review before sharing with your children to determine if this type of humor is appropriate for your kids.

Ancient Top 10
This History Channel series counts down through 10 of the most fascinating, impressive feats of the ancient world.

Hulu tends to cater to a more mature audience, but for those families with young homeschoolers, there are a few options from which to choose.

Sid The Science Kid
In this series, Sid, a fun, inquisitive preschooler, uses music and humor to showcase children’s natural curiosity about science in everyday life. Through Sid’s adventures, watchers are introduced to scientific themes like measurement, change, the five senses, simple machines, and health.

Sesame Street
Enjoy the tried and true adventures on Sesame Street including educationally rich content like “Elmo’s and Zoe’s Scientific Exploration.”

The Jungle Bunch
This hilarious crew of jungle creatures band together to save the jungle. Follow along with the crew as they solve issues using skills of diplomacy and non-violence to resolve conflict among other jungle animals.


Catching Faith
Enjoy this family-friendly movie about a husband and wife with teenage children who struggle to be true to their faith in the face of pressure to keep up the illusion of perfection.

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