Homeschool Resources for Virtual Field Trips

June 1, 2020

Shannan Swindler

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FREE Virtual Field Trip Journaling & Notebooking Pack For Your Homeschool

Like any good field trip, you need to do a bit of planning beforehand. The Virtual Field Trip Journaling & Notebooking Pack has everything you need to make your next virtual field trip to a museum, zoo, aquarium, or national park the best day ever. And you won’t even have to pile the kids in the minivan and spend money on gas to get there!

Make It Fun

Some websites offer a variety of interactive activities to enhance learning and make it fun. But, many do not. The pictures are pretty, the artifacts are mesmerizing, but the learning can quickly turn dull and boring without a few fun resources to keep things lively. The Virtual Field Trip Journaling & Notebooking Pack is exactly what is needed to turn any online field trip into an active learning experience for the whole family.

Keep It Organized

Have you noticed that even on a digital museum tour you can get lost? End up in a gallery you really didn’t want to go in? Maybe your kids rabbit-trailed off onto a different topic because they were bored or confused with what they were doing. We can fix that! Keeping an online field trip focused on a few things, in the beginning, ensures the kid’s learning is pointed in the direction you intend. Wandering off to other parts if the field trip can be fun, but it’s best to save those for ‘the end of the tour’ – just like if you were on a typical field trip. The Virtual Field Trip Journaling & Notebooking Pack has exactly what you need to find the online museums your kids will be interested in and provide an enjoyable learning experience. 

Make Online Field Trips A Regular Part Of Your Homeschool Schedule

Just like regular field trips, online field trips enhance learning when used on a regular basis. Once a month or once a week. There are plenty of museum tours, zoos, aquariums, and art galleries all over the world to use. It is the best way to use the world as your classroom at a price that won’t break the homeschool (or family travel) budget.

Let The Kids Choose!

There are so many virtual field trips to choose from, you could easily let the kids choose and set up a regular plan of what to visit. From ancient artifacts to volcanoes; the original Star Trek TV show set to the Spy Museum. There is truly something for every interest. Not sure where to start? Here are a couple of posts with fun places for your kids to choose from. 

Use A Unit Study

Bringing it back around to active learning is super easy when combining a virtual field trip with a unit study. But to make the virtual field trip the most impactful, a unit study based on the specific galleries or visit is what will make learning fun, memorable, and bring everyone back for another virtual field trip next time it’s on the calendar.

Get Your FREE Virtual Field Trip Journaling & Notebooking Pack.

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