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January 10, 2019

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Geography is one of those subjects that I admittedly don’t focus on much in the early years. We start small with learning how to read maps and understanding just what geography is – the layout of the world, our country and state.

Once I feel they have mastered that, we move on to more in-depth geography studies, such as a state-by-state study or country-by-country/region studies. There are many different ways to study geography and no one way or path is right or wrong.

Geography Resources Free Printables Maps and More text with image of a compass on a map

But I will be honest, I don’t spend a lot of money on curriculum in the elementary years. For one, because my kids often fly through it at lightning speed and two, because I have multiple children. So my favorite is to find cheap or free curriculum online that I can print as many times as needed.


So I scoured the internet looking for some great printables and curriculum to use in your geography studies. And the best part…these are all FREE!

Continents Fact Files Printables | Homeschool Creations

FREE Printable Blank Maps | 123 Homeschool 4 Me

States and Capitals Worksheets | Itsy Bitsy Fun

World Geography Notebooking Pages & Printable Maps | 1+1+1=1

U.S.A. States &  Capitals Worksheets | 1+1+1=1

USA License Plate Game | KC Edventures

Geography Hometown Project | Teachers Pay Teachers

Key to the World Scavenger Hunt of Fun Geography Facts | Teachers Pay Teachers

Seven Continents Song Printable | Primary Theme Park

FREE World Maps Notebooking Pages: World Mollweide Maps & World Mercator Maps

World Maps Notebooking Pages

If you’re studying North America, check out these resources!

Continent Printable 3-Part Cards | The Natural Homeschool

Free 50 US State Worksheets | 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Free Geography Lesson Plans, Games, Activities, Presentations | Mr Donn’s

Early Childhood Geography: Countries of the World | Geographic

Flags of the World Printables | The Natural Homeschool

Globalmania | Knowledge Quest

If you’re studying South America, check out these resources!

Geography For Kids | KidsGeo

Home Geography for Primary Grades by C.C.Long | Project Gutenburg

Coins from Around the World Geography Lessons | The Natural Homeschool

50 States and Capitals |

Free Geography and Cultures Curriculum | Just Us

Seterra: More than 300 Map Quiz Games |

Geography terms notebook

Tour of the U.S.A. Printable Booklet | The Natural Homeschool

FREE North America Printables | 1+1+1=1

Landform Flash Cards | FlashCardFox

Free Latitude and Longitude Scavenger Hunt | Education Possible

World Geography Country Printables | 1+1+1=1

Free Printable Latitude and Longitude for Kids 8-10 | Raising a Self-Reliant Child

FREE Printable Charlotte Mason Geography | The Unplugged Family

If you’re studying Asia, check out these resources!

Continents and Oceans Worksheets | Itsy Bitsy Fun

State Crossword Puzzles | Printable Worksheets

FREE Map Printables | The Relaxed Homeschool

Around the World Landmarks 3-Part Cards | The Natural Homeschool

FREE State Printable Notebooking Pack | Natural Beach Living

Mini World Pack | 3 Dinosaurs

FREE Roll into Geography Game | 123 Homeschool 4 Me

If you’re studying Europe, check out these resources!

Brazil Geography Printables | Homeschool Creations

Norway Geography Printables | Homeschool Creations

Brazil Notebooking Printables | Natural Beach Living

Free Geography Notebook Page Printable | Paradise Praises

Argentina Geography Printables | Homeschool Creations

Asian Geography Worksheets | Homeschool Giveaways

If you’re studying Antartica, check out these resources!

FREE Geography Scramble – United States of America

FREE Geography Scramble – South and Central America

FREE Geography Scramble – The Middle East

FREE Geography Scramble – Europe

FREE Geography Scramble – Central and South Asia

FREE Geography Scramble – East and Southeast Asia

FREE Country Study Notebooking Pages

Create a country study notebooking journal using these free blank country study notebooking pages.

Free Download Country Study Notebooking Pages

If you’re studying Australia, check out these resources!

Living Geography Book Series: If You Were Me an Lived in…

Exploring Countries Around the World with Geography

FREE Geography Drills Volume 1

FREE Geography Drills Volume 2

FREE Geography Lesson from Let’s Go Geography

FREE Geography Matching Activity

FREE Geography Copywork-My Book About Scotland


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