Fun Outdoor Crafts for Kids: DIY Wind Chimes

May 21, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Summer is almost here, and we LOVE to do crafts. Outdoor crafts for kids are perfect for summer time. We do a light bit of schooling over the summer, and use our free time to making fun crafts,  create and play outdoors and in nature. It does get hot in the middle of the day, so when we are inside and not out in the water we are doing tons of crafts. Now that my children are older I like to do crafts that are multi purpose and not throw away crafts. 

DIY wind chimes

Homemade windchimes are a great craft and activity that can last a long time and won’t get thrown away. They look beautiful in your garden, on your front or back porch, and blowing in the wind. They make great gifts as well. These are also a lot of fun to make in a group activity. We love that they are also inexpensive to make. Most of them can be made using recycled materials or things you have found around the house or in a junk drawer even! If you are painting and getting messy, you can create these right outdoors and hang them up to dry immediately after.


Check out these windchime crafts and DIYS that are sure to be a hit this summer:

Nature Sun Catcher Windchimes -these wind chimes are made from homemade nature suncatchers. Hands On As We Grow 

Add some sparkle to your garden by creating Beaded WindchimesGarden Therapy

Make a windchime with a clay flowerpotThimble and Twig

Painted Garden Washer WindchimesOne Time Through

DIY Windchime from Upcycled Vitamin BottlesGreen Kids Crafts

DIY windchime from upcycled materials. Make a windchime for your garden or yard out of these recycled plactic tubes.

Low cost hardware store hanging windchime from Instructables.

These sea shell and embroidery floss windchimes from Kleas would be so much fun to put together after a trip to the beach. 

I love the natural look of these DIY Bamboo Natural Windchimes from Free People

Use an old colander to make a windchime with beads from The Tao of Dana.

This frugal Tin Can Wind Chime from Pool Noodles and Pixie Dust is a great STEAM activity as well as DIY craft.

Tin Can Wind Chime Frugal STEAM and Craft Projects - Pool Noodles & Pixie Dust

If you have any old cd’s laying around, this coffee can cd windchime from Happy Hoooligans is the perfect upcycling project.

Do you save milk caps and bottle caps for art projects? If so, this Recycled Plastic Lid Windchime from Crafts by Amanda is perfect to use up your stash. 

This Painted Tin Can Windchime from A Girl and a Glue Gun is the perfect messy, outdoor project.

Whimsical Homemade Windchimes with beads and a plastic coffee can from Happy Hooligans is another fun recycled project.

These Melted Beads Heart Windchimes from No Time for Flashcards would make a great Valentine’s Day or special gift for someone you love.

DIY wind chimes

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