Free Worksheets for Teaching the Scientific Method

December 6, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Using the scientific method solely deals with the natural world, which is useful in life and in science processes. These free worksheets for teaching the scientific method will help you teach the process by which this method is used.

Scientific method infographic in a circular image, with text overlay and white background.

Should you teach the scientific method?

Science, by definition, is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence/facts.

So, when the question arises about science as a Christian. Of course, we should teach the scientific method. Solely, because it is a method used to come to conclusions and to learn more through a procedure.

The scientific method involves making hypothetical explanations from predictions and consequences or results of outcomes.

This approach uses a theory to make predictions about future observations. It also uses a hypothesis or a testable prediction that one can make logically from the theory observations.

It’s a great way we can investigate things in the natural world and learn more about the world around us.

Steps of the Scientific Method

  • The first step is to make an observation and develop a question about it.
  • Make a hypothesis or an educated guess of a solution
  • Test the hypothesis.
  • If the hypothesis is true, then find more evidence to support it or if anything disproves it.
  • If the hypothesis is false, then go back to make another hypothesis and try again.
  • Draw conclusions, analyze data and repeat.
  • Record the results found as the last step of the scientific method.

Free Worksheets for Teaching the Scientific Method

If you are ready to teach your students all about the scientific method, grab some free worksheets that can help your kids understand this concept. 

Introducing the Scientific Method Lesson Plan – If you are looking for lesson plans to introduce the scientific method this resource is a fun way to start. This physical science introductory lesson teaches the basics of the scientific method.

How to Use the Scientific Method Printable Pack – Grab this guide to learn how to use the scientific method. This free printable pack will introduce your kids to the process of the scientific method through theories and hypotheses.

Scientific Method PDF Worksheets

Printable Free Scientific Method Worksheet Downloads – These scientific method printables include a number of resources for data collection and data analysis using the scientific method. The resource includes a Scientific Method Flipbook, a printable poster, and more.

Scientific Method Terminology Worksheets

5th Grade Scientific Method Terminology Worksheet – Your young learners can use this worksheet to help them learn key terms all about the scientific method. Some of the definitions in the worksheet are question, hypothesis, experiment, data, conclusion, and more.

Scientific Method PDF Worksheet

Scientific Method PDF Worksheets – These free printable scientific method worksheets pdf format are perfect practice for your kids. The worksheets include cut & paste activities, several templates, with all being useful for your first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and older students.

Editable Scientific Method PDF Worksheet

Editable Scientific Method Worksheet – Your students will enjoy these drag and drop online activities along with the editable free printable worksheet. The scientific method doesn’t have to be dull, as activities like this will keep kids engaged and interested.

Resources and Activities to Help Teach the Scientific Method

Scientific Method Posters – These free downloadable scientific method posters are perfect for decorating your classroom when teaching the scientific method to your young scientists. The posters include scientific inquiry vocabulary like investigate, predict, observe, and conclude.

Scientific Method Recording Sheet

Free Scientific Recording Sheet and Poster – You can’t really explore the scientific method without doing at least one experiment. Use this free poster and scientific processing worksheet to record your findings and to help kids through the method on paper.

Scientific Method Powerpoint

Scientific Method Activities, Printable, and PowerPoint for Kids – These resources will help you teach the scientific method with science activities for kids in a fun way. Applying the concepts to real world hands-on activities truly helps students comprehend their lessons.

Scientific Method Tools

Tools to Make the Scientific Method Easier – Check out these 10 free scientific method tools to make science easier in your homeschool. Need help teaching the scientific method? The science investigations printables include printable task cards, organization charts, posters for their own science experiments, a scientific method song to sing, and more.

The Importance of the Scientific Method

I like the idea that we can follow a series of steps to determine if something is true, false, or needs more proof. The scientific method isn’t foolproof, but it is a good guide, in general.

The process in the scientific method implies that data can be gathered when evaluating a hypothesis or a theory. When kids understand they need to research things, they understand that they can’t just pick and choose data.

The right way is to gather all the data available in a given subject or topic and weigh the options, the consequences, and make a determination. Both we and our children can use this process in making decisions and making educated guesses about situations in life.

Since science is the knowledge about the natural world that is based on facts, we understand that it is a process by which we can gain knowledge.

Although there are many theories that have been tried and tested, there are also theories and educated guesses that have not been proven by fact. By definition alone, they are relying on their faith that their unproven theory is fact.

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