FREE Worksheets and Unit Studies About World War I

July 7, 2020

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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World War 1 is known as “The Great War”. It began on July 28, 1914, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Country after country was pulled into the war, with the United States of America being the last country to join in April 2017. The war ended on November 11, 1918.

It was a trying time, with lots of losses and also new creations and inventions due to the war. Learn more about it with these FREE Worksheets and Unit Studies about World War 1.

Free Worksheets and Unit Studies About World War I

This “Great War” was also known as “the war to end all wars”, unfortunately that was not the case. This war included Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire against Great Britain, the United States, France, Russia, Italy and Japan. Lots of new military equipment was created for this war, which resulted in over 16 million deaths. 

It can be a confusing war to learn about with so many allies, and powers involved in it.

Your kids can learn more about this war with these free worksheets and unit studies about World War 1:

World War 1 Interactive Notebook ActivitiesHeather LeBlanc – Brainy Apples TPT

How did World War 1 start? Messy Hands-On History LessonAdventures in Mommydom

World War 1 Writing AssignmentAdventures in Mommydom

Printable World War 1 Ambulance Driver Paper Doll Paper Thin Personas

World War 1 Alliances MapSchool History

United States Enters World War 1 Highschool American History HandoutStudent Handouts

World War 1 Lesson Plans, Games and Power PointsMr. Donn

World War 1 Research and Notebooking Unit  – this research and notebooking unit will provides options for studying battles of WWI including a list of 168 World War I battles and engagements, world maps of the regions where the battles occurred, and multiple notebooking page templates. This is great for middle and high school aged students. 

World War I: Research and Notebooking Unit

In this podcast, 7 Amazing World War Heroes, Meredith Curtis introduces you to 7 heroes from World War I that you may never have even heard of. Not only are they amazing people who did extraordinary things, but their faith in Jesus shined through! 

FREE History of Wars Cheat Sheets – these printable cheat sheets are a great reference to help your children learn about the many different wars in history. 

World War I Minibooks and Notebook PagesPractical Pages

Create Your Own Homeschool History World War 1 DayDesign Your Homeschool

World War 1 WorksheetsHistory on the Net

Ten Fun Ways to Study World War 1Crosswalk

World War 1 Unit StudyOklahoma Homeschool

Learn about America’s Patriotic Victory Gardens from

Learn about Food Rationing in Wartime America and the creation of the U.S. Food Administration. –

Propaganda Posters:

The United States joined the war later in April of 1917. The government had to convince the Americans to get on board to join this war. They way they did this was through their propaganda posters. They are known to have produced more war propaganda posters that any other nation that was involved in the war!

Sow the Seeds of Victory – Posters from the Food Administration During World War INational Archives

You can view the collection of approximately 400 Propaganda Posters by clicking on each image at First World War.

The Posters that Sold World War 1 to the American PublicSmithsonian Magazine

Websites to help your kids learn more about World War 1:

World War 1 Documents Archive – Official Papers and documents assembled by volunteers of the WW1 Military History List.

Learn about the different World War 1 Sites and Battlefields from Trip Historic.

Homeschool Lessons has Free Weekly Lessons on World War 1. There are 5 weekly unit studies with a new lesson to focus on each week. It includes information to learn, videos, worksheets, free downloads and more. These are suitable for grades 3-10.

First World War  is a multimedia history of World War 1. There are timelines, details, battles, war posters, source documents, weaponry and tons of information to explore.

Eyewitness to World War 1 from Eyewitness History has a full timeline of the war. Starting from the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and ending with the Unknown Soldier coming home. 

If your kids enjoy learning about wars they will love these other websites, YouTube channels, movies and hands-on activities:

Wars and Military YouTube Channels for Kids

26 Movies for Kids Based on the Wars and the Military

Hands-On Activities for Studying the World Wars

Free Worksheets and Unit Studies About World War I


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