FREE Star-Spangled Banner Copywork Printable

June 22, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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The national anthem is important to teach our children so that they can sing it when it is being sung in large public events. A great way to teach memorization is through handwriting and copywork practice. 

FREE Star-Spangled Banner Copywork Printable 

These free copywork pages have both print and cursive type with elementary sized lines with a dotted middle line. The song is split into 4 pages in each style so that younger children have plenty of room to copy The Star-Spangled Banner with excellent handwriting. Encourage them to work slowly so that each letter is carefully formed. The hard part is writing the lyrics without getting distracted by singing the song!

For older kids, have them copy the song one day on these pages. Later in the week, have them write The Star-Spangled Banner lyrics on fresh paper as you read it aloud. Enjoy!


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