FREE Resources for Learning about Spiders

October 7, 2020

Stacey Jones

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Learn more about the different species of spiders, their life cycle and how they are actually good to have around with these free resources for learning about spiders.

FREE Resources for Learning about Spiders

Here is Australia, we have a lot of deadly animals. Thankfully, when it comes to spiders, we only have two of the most venomous spiders in the world – the redback spider and funnel webs. The most venomous spider in the world is the Brazilian Wandering Spider.

Resources for Learning about Spiders

Do your kids love nursery rhymes? Itsy Bitsy Spider is a fun little rhyme that you can incorporate hand actions in while retelling the story. With this printable pack, children will enjoy learning this rhyme while working on important math and literacy skills. Or maybe they like the rhyme about Little Miss Muffet better.

Young children will love to learn to count with these low-prep spider counting mats.

Learn more about the life cycle of spiders, their diet, the different types of webs, the ways they catch their prey and so much more with this massive, hands-on Spider Lapbook Activity.

Working on reading skills is exciting with these three levels of Spider Life Cycle Easy Readers.

A fun way to work on learning about 19 different 2d shapes is with the six different activities in this awesome Spider Shapes Printable Pack.

A great way to learn about the life cycle of a spider while working on math and literacy skills is with this huge Spider Printable Pack.

Record what you have learnt about 25 different spiders with this huge pack of Spider Notebooking Pages.

Charlotte’s Web is a lovely story about the friendship between a spider and a pig. This Literature Unit is a great way for older children to learn more about these creatures. Free until the 21stOctober 2020.

FREE Insects, Worms, Snails & Spiders Life Cycles Cut & Paste unit is a fun, no-prep hands-on science activity for your elementary students.

If your kids love to cook, maybe they will enjoy making these delicious Spider Cupcakes.

If you’re looking for Montessori-inspired Spider Math activities, then you must check these out!

This Spider Sensory Bin is a great hands-on activity for those children who aren’t afraid to get up close and personal with a felt spider.



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