FREE Resources for Learning about Owls

November 18, 2020

Stacey Jones

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Owls are intriguing birds that can symbolize many things such as wisdom, and a love of learning, reading and gaining knowledge. With their big, bright eyes and glowing stare, children will love learning about these nocturnal birds. Here are some fun and free resources for learning about owls.

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Owl Printables

With 14 vertebrae in their necks, owls are able to turn in almost every direction, enabling these fierce hunters to keep a look out for their prey. This amazing ability combined with good eyesight and excellent hearing, helps owls hunt down their prey before swallowing it whole, then spitting out the fur, bones and other indigestible parts.

Learning about the life cycle of an owl is so much fun with these free and easy to prepare resources. This Barn Owl printable pack contains over 100 pages of math and literacy activities as well as life cycle activities for younger children, as does this huge Snowy Owl printable pack.

Older children will enjoy writing down their thoughts on both Barn Owls and Snowy Owls with these owl notebooking pages.

Maybe your kids would enjoy these Owl Counting Mats which can easily be incorporated in an owl or fall or math unit for young children. This is a great playdough recipe that can be used with these counting mats.

After studying about the life cycle of either barn owls and / or snowy owls, children can complete one or both of these easy to prepare, six-paged owl flip books; writing what they have learnt about the life cycle of these amazing creatures in their own words.

If you are looking for some different types of resources for learning about owls while improving other skills, then these Owl Colour by Code Worksheets are great. They are an engaging way to practice shape and colour recognition while working on fine motor skills.

With eight shapes to practice with, this Snowy Owl shape matching game is easy to prepare and even easier for your little learners to do independently. 

Kids will love learning new cooking skills when helping make these adorable Owl Cupcakes. They go perfectly with my owl unit study.

You may also like learning with these fun owl themed resources for children in pre-k.


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