FREE Resources and Worksheets About Animal Migration

February 25, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are your children fascinated with animals and animal behavior? When we were learning about animals, my children were blown away by how smart animals are with their ability to migrate. Migration is a built in survival sense for many different types of animals. 

FREE Resources and Worksheets About Animal Migration text with a black and white background image of sheep

Animals migrate in search of food and water, new territories for seasonal weather purposes, and to find mates. This is part of their life cycle. Some animals can migrate short distances, while others can travel for thousands and thousands of miles. Animals can migrate by sea, land and air.

Migration is a fascinating thing. Migration is a seasonal movement of a complete animal population from one location to another. It is a natural phenomenon, and it is rare to see actual migrations of hundreds and thousands of animals at a time. If you are ever able to view a migration it would be a once in a lifetime experience. Many people that are animal lovers or scientists will travel themselves just to witness such a spectacular event.

It blows me away how animals can travel for so long and know exactly where they are going, and how they are going to get there. These journeys are not easy ones either. I love how God created them to know exactly what to do.

Let’s learn about animal migration with these free resources and worksheets:

Articles and Lesson Plans to learn more about animals that are famous for their migration:

10 Animals that MigrateWorld Atlas

14 of the Greatest Animal MigrationsTree Hugger

Meet the Animals that Travel Farther than Any OtherBBC

Why Animals Migrate: Lesson Plans and ActivityNational Geographic

Animal Migrations for KidsDucksters

Amazing Migrations – learn about the animals that migrate on long journeys and how to help them along the way. – Kids Discover

Animal Migration with videosKids Brittanica

Go on a Migration Madness Nature GameEdmonton and Area Land Trust

Share it Science Bird Migration Tracking Activity and Lesson Plans

Family and Homeschool ActivitiesBrain Pop Educators

Migration: Explore the Amazing Journey of Animals – This unit study is a fun way to introduce your kids to migration and help them discover how 18 different animals migrate. From birds to mammals, insects to reptiles, your students will learn about pilchards, penguins, wildebeests, butterflies, and much more.

This unit study is written for grades 4-8, but it is easily adaptable to older and younger students, and can even be done in a family setting.

FREE Resources and Worksheets About Animal Migration

Animal Migration Worksheets and Printables:

Animals in Winter ~ How to make a Migration Diorama with Printables

Animal Migration Fill in the Blanks WorksheetWorksheet Place

Migration: Animals, Insects and Birds Facts and Worksheets Kids Konnect

Bird Migration Mapping ActivityHappily Ever Reading 

16 Printable Pictures of Animals that MigrateThe Natural Homeschool

16 Printable Pictures of Animals that Migrate text with image examples of printable cards with pictures of animals on them.

If you want to dig deeper and learn about a specific animal that migrates here are some more resources on some popular ones:

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle and Migration Lesson PlanNational Geographic

Humpback Whale MigrationWhale Facts

Everything You Need to Know About the Great Wildebeest MigrationAsilia Africa

Why the Migration of Canada Geese Will Blow Your MindScience Alcove

Hummingbird Migration Facts and MapsHummingbird Guide

Sea Turtle Migration InformationSee

Christmas Island Red Crab Migration Natural WonderChristmas Island

The Spring Migration of the Sandhill CranesNebraska Fly Away

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FREE Resources and Worksheets About Animal Migration

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