Printable Water Safety Worksheets for Children

July 12, 2020

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Summer time, especially in Florida, means spending a lot of time around the water. This is the perfect time to teach your children about water safety. 

Free Resources About Water Safety text with image background of the ocean

Water Safety

It sure gets boring being cooped up in the house during the summer. Right now there are not a lot of indoor places that are open with everything going on in the world. Normally our summers are full of activities that have become a part of our summer traditions. The kids would usually be at the library once a week doing the summer reading clubs. We would go to craft make and takes at our local craft stores. We had a full calendar of summer camps and vacation Bible schools to attend. Those have all been cancelled as well.

Family Water Safety

Since there isn’t a lot to do indoors, we have found ourselves spending much more time at the beach, rivers, springs and in our own pool. Being outdoors and around water brings about many concerns. If you have multiple children it can be tough to watch everyone around the water around the same time. It can be stressful and not very enjoyable.

Water Safety Discussions

With some good family talks and water safety training, being around the water can be an enjoyable and memorable experience. There are lots of free printables, resources and websites to help you teach your children how to be smart around water. There are some new things to learn to help you keep an eye on your children and help to prevent accidents at home and out around water. 

Printable Water Safety Worksheets

If you want to teach your children how to be safe around the water, these resources will be a great help. 

Water Safety Printables:

Teaching with these water safety worksheets for kids will make sure that water remains something that's fun to play with, and not scary at all.

Water Safety Websites and Articles:

Free Resources About Water Safety text with image background of the ocean

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