FREE Resources About Rockets and Missiles

January 25, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Children seem to be fascinated with outer space and rockets that can fly to the moon. It is super exciting and mysterious at the same time. As your children get older they may really start to look at what goes into exploring space. When they research further they will see that there is a big difference between rockets or rocket ships and missiles.

FREE Resources About Rockets and Missiles

If you have children that like learning about engines, and things that move fast, or even weaponry, they will enjoy learning about rockets and missiles. Learning about rockets and missiles will go great with a study on outer space or an independent STEM or engineering unit study.

You can take it a step further and research about the history of missiles. You can learn about the different types of missiles used in historical wars and defense of our country.

What is a rocket?

A rocket describes a type of engine, or a vehicle that uses a rocket engine to propel itself. A rocket moves by producing thrust when it burns fuel to take off.

You can find out more about what a rocket is and rocketry as an engineering science in these articles and lesson plans:

What is a rocket? – NASA for Students

Rocketry Lesson Plans with lesson plans, guides and activities from Pre-K up through grade 12. – NASA

How Rocket Engines WorkScience How Stuff Works

Resources and Lesson Plans for TeachersNational Association of Rocketry 

Adventures in Rocket Science STEM EducationNASA

How Does a Rocket Work?European Space Agency for Kids

Learn About Rocket Propulsion and Space TransportationNASA

Engineering Rockets and Rovers is a free 8 week curriculum that covers the topic of Aerospace Engineering – Engineering is Elementary

What is a missile?

A missile is essentially a guided rocket that is self propelled by a jet engine or rocket motor. It is a rocket propelled weapon that can deliver an explosive warhead at high speeds and with great accuracy.

Learn more about missiles and the history of missiles with these articles, lessons and timelines:

How do Guided Missiles Work?Science ABC

Guided Missile HistoryKids Britannica

Nuclear Missile FactsKidz Search

The History of the Cuban Missile CrisisBritannica

US Ballistic Missile Defense Timeline: 1945 to PresentUCSUSA

The Beginning of Missile DefensePBS Frontline

Iran’s Missile Program: Past and PresentIran Watch

Current U.S. Missile Defense Programs at a GlanceArms Control 

Different Types of Missiles and Their TechnologyWorld Defense

More Free Resources on Rockets, Missiles and Spacecraft:

Rockets, Missiles and Spacecraft FREE EbookDIY Homeschooler

Articles about Rockets and Missiles:

Learn how rocketry got a boost in the 20th century, altering warfare and taking humans into space. – Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Rockets and Missiles Exhibit SpotlightSmithsonian National Air and Space Museum

The Difference Between a Rocket and a MissileDifference Wiki

Rockets and Missiles: Physical Science, Videos, Stories and Articles Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Rocket and Missile Hands-on Activities:

Tons of STEM Lesson Plans and Activities on Rockets and MissilesNASA Jet Propulsion Labratory

Rockets Away! How to Build a Rocket SimulatorOhio 4 H Club

Simple Rocket Science Educator Guide and ExperimentsNASA 

How to Build a Paper Missiles and Launcher in 4 StepsInstructables

If your kids enjoy building and launching things they will love this book! My husband and son built tons of fun things from this book when he was younger:

Backyard Ballistics

Backyard Ballistics

Build Your Own Rocket LauncherScience 4 My Kid

How to Make a Scud Missile for Kids in 6 StepsInstructables

Balloon Rocket STEM ActivityHappy Brown House 

FREE Resources About Rockets and Missiles

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