Free Apologia Chemistry and Physics Worksheets for Elementary Science

February 1, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are you wanting to teach chemistry and physics for elementary grades in a way that is easy for them to absorb the material? This is a great list of printables and ideas to accompany Apologia Chemistry and Physics in the Young Explorer Series.

free chemistry and physics printable worksheets


What is Apologia Young Explorer’s Series?

Apologia’s Young Explorers series is a homeschool science course for elementary grades. It can be used for multiple ages in grades k-6. Every book in this series has a lesson topics that will fascinate elementary children. The books do a great job of presenting detailed science concepts in an engaging way.

Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics starts by teaching your children about creation, atoms and molecules. Then take a journey through simple chemicals, the laws of motion, different forms of energy, electricity, magnetism and simple machines.

Your children are going to have so much fun with this book. Kids love the hands-on experiments that enhance the concepts taught. Many of them use household items that are easy to find.

How is Apologia Elementary Science Written?

Each of the elementary books is written in a conversational tone. When the student reads it, it’s as if they are being read aloud to. This style makes it a favorite curriculum for use by Charlotte Mason homeschoolers.

There are even books on audio cd or mp3s perfect for auditory learners or those with learning disabilities.

Apologia Notebooking Journals

You can enhance this style further with the accompanying notebooking journals. They include copywork, scriptures, coloring pages, notebooking and mini book activities.

The junior notebooking journal is for younger elementary students. The student notebooking journal is for upper elementary. These journals are created to accompany the student textbook.

Can Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics be used for high school?

When you think of Chemistry and Physics you normally think of a high school chemistry course. This particular science curriculum is designed for elementary students through the 6th grade.

Apologia offers many middle school and high school science courses such as:

  • general science
  • physical science
  • biology
  • marine biology
  • chemistry
  • astronomy
  • physics
  • anatomy and physiology

There are even advanced biology, advanced chemistry and higher level courses.

High School Differences

The Apologia curriculum for high school is more textbook in nature, though they do come with notebooking journals. The courses include study guide questions which can be used as review questions, a solutions manual, and a test at the end of each module. It even comes with a test booklet with full answer keys to help you teach and grade the work.

The high school chemistry course has a multitude of chemistry lab experiments to obtain a full lab credit.

Apologia Chemistry Worksheets & Printables

If you are not using the student notebook, you may want to enhance the lessons with extra resources. This is a great way to help kids understand more difficult concepts.

We have gathered up lots of printable worksheets that are the perfect accompaniment to each lesson in Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. Since we have broken them up by lesson it is easy to look and grab exactly what you need.

Lesson 1: Chemistry and Physics Matter

What is Matter Printable Lab Worksheets – Learn the development of the atomic theory with this simple labeling worksheet.

Chemical vs. Physical Properties of Matter Worksheet – Pop quiz style sort worksheet for the different properties of matter.

Density Worksheet – Measure the density of common household objects with this worksheet.

What is Density Worksheet – Learn about density with this hands-on activity.

Lesson 2: Moving Matter

States of Matter Worksheet Set – Learn about the different changes in the state of matter of solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

Solids, Liquids and Gases Printable – Printable poster to easily references the different states of matter to better identify what they are.

Matter Sorting Activity Worksheet – Cute cut and paste activity to sort the matter into the correct states.

States of Matter Printable Worksheets and Activities – Lots of different printable worksheets, science projects and activities on the states of matter.

Lesson 3: Building Blocks of Creation

Lego Chemical Reactions Printable Unit Study – Learn about how atoms bond to crystals by using Legos.

Organic Molecules Card Game – Reinforce how atoms combine to organic molecules with this printable card game.

Atom Worksheets – Printables and graphs to teach atomic structure and the particles that make up an atom.

Periodic Table of Elements Battleship Game – Kids learn so much through play. Learn about the Periodic Table of Elements by playing a competitive game of Battleship.

Interactive Table of Elements Chart in Pictures and Words – Many different charts perfect for elementary, middle school and high school students of all ages.

Periodic Table of Elements Cheat Sheets – This resource is found in our curriculum store. If you are looking for an easy way to help your kids memorize the Periodic Table of Elements, this set of fact cards and cheat sheets is perfect for your science binder. 

The Periodic Table of Elements

Lesson 4: Compound Chemistry

Bonding and Chemical Reactions Powerpoint – This PowerPoint presentation was created for high school students, yet it is still helpful.

The Chemistry of Strawberries – Learn about the chemistry of strawberries with this fun printable poster.

The Chemistry of Poinsettia Plants and PH – Find out why poinsettia plants get their bright red color and what ph is with this graphic.

Naming Chemical Compounds – Click on over and learn about why chemical compounds get their names and the basics of chemistry naming.

Lesson 5: Multitude of Mixtures

Elements, Compounds, Mixtures and Mini Marshmallows – Create models of elements, compounds and mixtures with mini marshmallows in this fun lesson.

Separating Mixtures Printable – A fun interactive foldable booklet on separating mixtures.

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Graphic Organizer – Printable graphic organizer worksheet for sorting elements, compounds and mixtures .

Lesson 6: Mechanics in Motion

Isaac Newton Notebooking Pages – Sir Isaac Newton was the father of Modern Physics. Write about his scientific discoveries on these notebooking pages. 

Newton’s 1st Law of Motion Printable – Learn about Newton’s 1st Law of Motion with this question and answer worksheet. 

2nd Law of Motion Printable – Read about this basic physics concept and answer the questions on this worksheet.

3rd Law of Motion Printable – Fun physics worksheet about action reaction and the 3rd law of motion.

Atwood Machine and Newton’s 2nd law – Build an Atwood machine with this fun printable project.

Lesson 7: Dynamics of Motion

Balancing Bird for Center of Gravity – This is a super fun cut and assemble bird craft balancing activity.

STEM Motion and Force Printables – Force and motion printable STEM experiment worksheets and directions.

Law of Gravity Worksheet – Read about the law of gravity and write what you have learned in this worksheet.

What is Friction Worksheet – Learn about friction and answer the questions.

Lesson 8: Work in the World

Types of Energy Worksheet – Read about the different types of energy and practice classifying them on this worksheet.

Renewable Energy Printables – Learn about renewable energy with these lesson plans and printables.

Different Forms of Energy – Introduce your kids to the different types of energy with this printable.

Nuclear Energy Worksheet – Practice nuclear energy vocabulary words with this word search.

Energy Saving Guide and Coloring Book Printables – Teach your kids how to save energy with these tips, advice and coloring book printables.

Lesson 9: Sound of Energy

What is Sound Worksheet – Explore vibrations and sound waves in this fun worksheet and activity.

The Doppler Effect Sound Worksheet – Learn about the doppler effect and why sounds change when they move away from us. 

Make and Oscilloscope to see the sound of your voice – This is a really cool experiment to actually see the sound of your voice. 

The Speed of Sound – Find out how fast speed travels with this worksheet. 

Lesson 10: Light of the World

Optical Spinning Discs to Color and Assemble – Cut out, color and assemble your very own Benham spinning top with this printable activity.

The Basics of a Wave – Find out how energy moves in waves with this worksheet. 

Bending Light Experiment – Learn about refraction and bending light with this simple experiment.

Light Bounces Printable – Set up and create a light obstacle course to watch light bounce.

Lesson 11:  Thermal Energy

Thermal Energy Vocabulary Puzzle – This printable puzzle will have your kids sorting vocabulary words about thermal energy.

Laws of Thermodynamics Science Notes – This is a list of laws of thermodynamics with examples perfect for explaining to kids. 

Build a Solar Oven – Find out how to build your very own solar oven to cook smores in with this fun and tasty experiment.

Lesson 12: Electrifying our World

Electricity Sources and Function – Draw pictures about various items found in your house that use electricity.

All About Circuits – Your kids will enjoy learning about the different symbols that are used to describe different electrical circuits.

What is Electricity? – Learn about the different types of electricity with examples of current and static electricity with this bundle of worksheets.

Lesson 13: Mysterious Magnetism

Magnet Themed Unit Studies and Science Projects – Magnets are so much fun to play with and learn about. Your kids will love this list of unit studies and science projects about magnets.

Lots of Magnet Worksheets and Printables – Various worksheets to learn about the properties of magnets, and practice using magnets in your homeschool.

Lesson 14: Simple Machines

Simple Machine Worksheets – Study more about simple machines with these printable worksheets.

I Spy Simple Machines Printable – Your kids will have fun searching for simple machines with this I Spy game.

Simple Machines Flip Book – Create a flip book all about simple machines to help with what you have learned.

Inclined Planes Simple Machine Lesson – This is a fun hands-on lesson to learn about inclined planes and why they are so important.

Simple Machines Notebooking Pages – There are lots of notebooking pages and matchbooks for your kids to put together all about the different simple machines. 

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