Free Printables and Resources About the Periodic Table

December 14, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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With 118 elements to memorize, a name, and a unique letter symbol, there is no wonder that the periodic table is intimidating to most kids – and adults. These free printables and resources about the periodic table can help you teach the elements in ways that will stick.

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Learning the Periodic Table of Elements

I must admit that I never memorized the periodic table in public school. When I began thinking about teaching the elements of the periodic table I didn’t really know where to start. My daughter is studious and would do just fine memorizing the elements with worksheets, a wall chart, and reading materials.

Teaching the Periodic Table of Elements

Start with  explaining what the periodic table is and why we need it is the best way to start. “Why” is a question we should always explain to our kids.

Even if it is just an answer like “We need this to move on to the next step.” Understanding the “why,” is always a win when it comes to learning challenging subjects.

The periodic table is important because it is organized to provide loads of information about elements in our world. It explains how they relate to one another in one easy-to-use reference.

It also can be used to predict the properties of different elements, and even those that have not yet been discovered.

When Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev started developing the periodic table, he arranged the chemical elements by atomic mass. He knew there would be more elements, so you made the table in a way that allowed for new ones to be added. He left spaces open for them.

Facts About the Periodic Table of Elements

We can learn some cool facts about the periodic table. That always catches my kids’ attention. They probably remember the cool facts more than they need to, but it’s still learning. Count it all as learning.

  • J is the only letter that is NOT found in the periodic table
  • Mendeleyev was known as a lover of card games. So, it makes sense that he wrote the weight of each element on a separate index card. Then he sorted them as they would be organized in a game of solitaire.
  • Since he left open spaces on the table, he was able to predict the weights of future undiscovered chemicals like gallium, scandium, and germanium.
  • The International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) maintains the updates for the periodic table. The latest update was made just in December 2018.
  • There are 118 elements in the periodic table today, but only 90 are commonly found in nature, the other elements are synthetically made.
  • 113, 115, 117, and 118 were introduced in 2016. These elements were named nihonium (Nh), moscovium (Mc), tennessine (Ts), and oganesson (Og).
  • 75% of the elements are metals.
  • Einsteinium is named after Albert Einstein
  • Uranium was named shortly after Uranus was discovered in our solar system.

Learning The Periodic Table Worksheets

I have gathered some totally free resources (except one) for your homeschool. Use them to find out even more cool information and to learn about the periodic table of elements.

Recommended Resource: Periodic Table of Elements: Fact Cards and Cheat Sheets

Could you use an easy, no-prep way to drill and review the periodic table? Explore the world of elements with this Periodic Table of the Elements: Fact Cards and Cheat Sheets set.

Periodic Table of Elements Notebook

Periodic Table Printable Worksheets

Check out these free resources to teach and learn about the periodic table.

Easy Way to Memorize The Periodic Table of Elements

Memorizing the Periodic Table

Memorize the Periodic Table 10x Faster! text with background image of a colored periodic table

Free Periodic Table Worksheets

Facts About the Periodic Table

Periodic Table Games Printable

Periodic table battleship learning game

Getting to Know The Periodic Table Activity

The Periodic Table Videos

Periodic Table of Elements Printables

Periodic Table of Elements Notecards text with image example of flashcards

Periodic Table of Elements Worksheets

Periodic Table Printables

Bible Periodic Table Printable

The Bible Periodic Table | My Cup Over Flows

Yes, and even in chemistry, the Bible can be taught and explained. How cool!

Free Printables and Resources About the Periodic Table text with background image of a black and white periodic table


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