FREE Poetry Worksheets and Printables

September 17, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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I have been a fan of poetry since I was a little girl. I always loved reading poetry books and listening to poetry being read aloud. This carried on as I got older. When I was in highschool in the 90s, I used to visit coffee shops to listen to their poetry reading nights. I even participated in a few! I know, now I am aging myself! 

Free Poetry Worksheets and Printables text with image of a hand using a feather pen to write a letter

As a mother, I enjoy immersing my children in poetry. We read lots of poetry in our homeschool, my children read them outloud to me, and I to them. I have lots of poetry books laying all over the house. We have a lot of fun picking poems to memorize and recite aloud in our homeschool. Poetry is one of those enrichment type of studies that you don’t need a full curriculum for. I love finding different styles of poetry, or a specific poet and creating my own unit study with books and free printables.

If you are wanting to incorporate some poetry in your homeschool you will enjoy these huge list of freebies I have gathered up! There is such a wide variety to pick and choose from, so you can get as creative as you would like with it. You can pick a specific style and work on reading that style and having your children try writing that style of poem. Or you can pick a specific poet and study his or her works for a few weeks at a time.

FREE Poetry Worksheets and Printables:

Printable Inspirational Poetry Writing Prompts for Middle School and High School

A Year of Poetry Tea Time Themes for Your Homeschool Co-op

Poetry Activities for Upper Elementary with free printableTeaching with Jennifer Findly

Poem in Your Pocket PrintableA Classroom for All Seasons

Cinquain Poems FreebieClassroom Tested Resources

Acrostic Poetry Worksheet –  The Teachers Guide

Poetry Tea Time PlannerRock Your Homeschool

Christina Rossetti Poems to ColorAmys Wandering

Tea Time with Emily DickinsonHomeschool Share

Poetry Power Printables (types of poetry and planners)The Teachers Corner

How to Write an Ode Poetry LessonCrafting Connections

Ralph Waldo Emerson Poetry Worksheets123 Homeschool 4 Me

FREE poetry style lessons from Writing With Sharon Watson:

3 Types of Poems

Do You Haiku?

Write a Diamante

Sonnet Writing Prompt 

You may also enjoy these specific themed poetry studies:

Alfred Lord Tennyson 9 Week Poetry Unit Study

Emily Dickinson 9 Week Unit Study

Spring Poetry Study Printables and Ideas

Winter Poetry Study and Ideas

Shel Silverstein Poetry Study with free printables

Worksheets and Notebooking Units for Teaching Poetry

These are all FREE and combined together with other printables and unit studies, they could create a pretty amazing poetry binder!

How to Teach Poetry in Your Homeschool with FREE Poetry Printable Pack – samples and templates for 5 types of poems

Poetry Analysis Printable Pack to Study ANY Poem – this pack has a poetry analysis form, pages for illustrating the poem and a printable on imagery. This can be used to analyze any poem.

Poetry Terminology Copywork Notebook – This 23 page notebooking pack will have your students learn 20 key poetry terms and their definitions while practicing their print handwriting skills. This is an instant download.

My favorite way to “teach” poetry in our homeschool is by reading different poems from a wide variety of poets. We usually do this in the morning, at breakfast, or around the table at lunch time.

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