FREE Phonics and Reading Program (Multi-Levels)

August 26, 2019

Carrie Fernandez


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Finding a free reading program for your homeschool that also teaches phonics skills just got easier. Using this free all-in-one phonics and reading curriculum is easy and fun. The user friendly, multi-levels are incremental with skills so you can start at your child’s level. You can even teach handwriting with this free phonics program!

Multi-Level All in One Reading Program


Alphabet learning – eleven phonics books that are completely free that come with activity worksheets
Beginner phonics – free printable books for each of the five vowels (61-98 pages each book! You can also find free printable worksheets to go along with each book on vowels.

Intermediate phonics – children who know their alphabet and know their alphabet and are able read small, short-vowel words (cat, dog, sun, etc.) can jump to this level. This level teaches consonant blends, common sounds/spellings in the English language, and expands on long vowels. There are 15 free intermediate phonics books that come with worksheets and online readers or downloadable and printable text.

Advanced phonics – If your 7-10 years old can read simple sentences, you will find the free advanced phonics books useful. Each book comes with free activity sheets: matching handwriting worksheets, word-search puzzles, flash cards and memory games are included for each book. There are more advanced concepts taught in this level such as Silent E, R Controlled vowels, exceptions to phonics rules, the different sounds that the letters C, S and G make, how a “Y” at the end of a word can become a second syllable, and more.

Handwriting – This is a beginner handwriting program for ages 5 and up. It Includes instructions, lessons, student worksheets and more. With nothing to buy, why not give it a try? There is even a free handwriting readiness test.

Dolch-word integration – Teaching children about sight words is essential to make successful readers. Kids need to be able to read 220 vitally important, high-frequency words—words like I, and, go, what, are, etc., which are “connecting” words that give sentences their meaning.

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