Free Nature Journals for Kids

May 10, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Studying topics about nature allow kids to appreciate the environment all around them. These nature study resources and free nature journals for kids will have kids observing in simple and creative ways.

Free Nature Journals for Kids text with image of girl sitting on a chair using a clipboard outside

No. Getting kids outside and letting them explore on their own isn’t enough in and of itself.

Heading outside is a great thing for your homeschoolers. Being intentional about learning about God’s creation is epic in homeschooling.

Teaching our students to appreciate nature is like opening up a door in a dark room. Once you appreciate it, your kids can never un-appreciate it.

I know it’s not the way the saying goes, but really people can go through life and never really smell the roses.

That almost was me. I never really cared about nature much. Life revolved around life . . . and nature and the animals in it were just there.

Moving to a small island made me appreciate the atmosphere all around. I really wanted to research what nature meant according to God’s Word.

After researching it with my homeschoolers, I wanted to share How to Teach Kids to Be Good Stewards of Nature because it’s important.

Use nature journals to help your students learn, observe, and record information all about nature. They are great ways to get the most out of your nature study.

Nature journaling has many benefits and here are just a few:

1. Journaling about nature gets kids outdoors.

2. Your students will be able to learn and improve observation skills.

3. Journaling provides a means for kids to increase their vocabulary.

4. Students can draw and write to communicate what they’ve observed.

5. Nature journaling is simple, yet creative and engaging.

Recording observations in nature is all that nature journaling is, but what kids learn is so much more.

Explore these free resources and free nature journals for kids below:

Year-Round Nature Journaling Ideas + FREE Printable | Year Round Homeschooling

columns of pictures of weather during different conditions and times of the year with text Ideas for Year Round Nature

FREE Printable Nature Journal For Kids | Printables Fairy

Nature Journal – FREE Printable | Montessori Nature

FREE Nature Journal Printables | The Crafty Classroom

Why Study Nature? (FREE Printable For All Seasons) | Ben and Me

Four Seasons Nature Study printables for kids to fill out and color shown in front of a black background

FREE Bird Journal – Hands-on Nature (Coloring & Identification Pages) | Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

different bird journaling, coloring, and identifying pages

FREE Printable Kids Nature Journal | My Mountain Wild

Collecting Nature and Encountering Our Creator (GIANT FREEBIE) | Life AbundantlyFree Nature Collection Journal pages and workbook

Create Your Own Nature Journal for Kids (with FREE printable outdoor activities!) | KCEdventures

FREE Printable Nature Journal | Rebecca Grabill

Printable FREE Nature Journal with Creative Prompts for Kids | Adventure in a Box

FREE Nature Journal Printables | Encouraging Moms at Home

Nature Journaling for Kids: FREE Journal Page Printables for Kids | Scratch Made Journal

FREE Printable Nature Journal Pages for Kids | Nurture Store

Kid’s Nature Journal FREE Printables | Scratch Made Journal

FREE Printable Nature Journal | Oh So Mummy

Hiking Adventures and a FREE Nature Journal Printable | That Mama Gretchen

FREE Nature Journal​ | Mama Teaches

Printable Garden Book for Kids a Nature Journal (FREE) | Sisters, What!

Nature Journal Writing Prompts (FREE Printable) | Peace but not Quiet

FREE Printable Winter Nature Journaling For Kids | The Keeper of the Memories

Recommended Resource: Birding Notebook – A Companion to Audubon Birding Adventures For Kids

Are you ready to learn about birds? Using the Birding Notebook alongside Audubon Birding Adventures For Kids you will learn about 25 birds as well as their habitats, beaks, feathers, and much more. Document your birding activities for your notebook and portfolio and use the journal pages for a birdwalk.

Birding Notebook workbook and worksheet pages displayed

These nature study tips and ideas will provide a jumpstart and guide for you to begin this engaging science unit.

Our Favorite Fun and Easy Fall Nature Study Ideas | Table Life Blog

A Guide to Observational Nature Journaling | Homeschool Families Network

How to Make and Keep a Nature Journal or Notebook | Rhythms of Play

FREE Printable With Tips on How To Press Flowers and Leaves | Artful Haven

How To Make Your Own Phenology Wheel For Your Nature Journal, Bullet Journal Or Art Journal | Lily and Thistle

40 Journal Entry Ideas for your Nature Notebooks FREE Printable | BJs Homeschool

The Ultimate Guide To Nature Journaling (List of Nature Journal Resources) | The Usual Mayhem

10 Minute Nature Studies and Ideas | Homeschool Network

How To Start A Nature Journal – A Beginners Guide | Lily & Thistle

Nature Journals – Ideas and Tips | HubPages

How To Make A Nature Journal For Kids (Writing Prompts Included) | Making Time for Mommy

How to Make a Nature Journal and What You Need | Dragon Fly Fun

Easy-to-Use Homeschool Resources – Just Open & Go, No Prep-Work!

Are you looking for resources that don’t require planning or teacher’s guides? Discover the ease of using curriculum that encourages independent study!

a collection of various types of curriculum workbooks

Grab these nature study printables and resources to go alongside your homeschool’s nature journaling:

How to Use Nature Studies in Your Homeschool + Free Leaf Identification Nature Pack

Easy Nature Study Printables for Kids

a wooden bridge walking path outside in the woods with text Easy Nature Study Ideas

Nature Study with Trees and Leaves

FREE Printables for a Nature Walk

Nature Themed FREE Copywork

Notebooking Ideas for Nature Study

one child using binoculars and another child sitting close by with a book and point off into the distance outside studying nature

FREE Cut and Paste Animals and Plants

FREE Nature Study Resource List | My Little Poppies

25 FREE Thornton Burgess Nature Books for Kindle | Ben and Me

an illustrated red cardinal bird with text 25 Free Thornton Burgess Nature Books for Kindle

FREE Printable Vintage Science And Nature Flash Cards | Our Handcrafted Life

Herb Nature Study FREE Printables | Holistic Homeschooler

FREE Forest School and Garden Classroom Resources | Nurture Store

Bird Migration FREE Printable | Raising Up Wild Things

FREE Trees Unit Study | The Crafty Classroom

Nature Study the Charlotte Mason Way with a FREE Printable | The Homeschool Scientist

Homeschool Nature Walks with FREE Printables | Blessed Beyond a Doubt

Nature Walk Observations & Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable | Learn Create Love

FREE Nature Study Printables | Living Life and Learning

Nature Study Printables shown over a wooden background

Spring Nature Study FREE Printables | The Homeschool Compass

Tree FREE Journal Page – Observing & Writing About Trees | This Reading Mama

Observing & Writing About Trees text and image of a printable worksheets on a click board with a pencil in the grass

How to Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt with Kids (FREE Printable!) | Craftivity Designs

FREE Nature Illustrations Printable | Artful Haven

Do not miss out on these Daily Skill Building resources to complete your nature lessons:

Nature Notebook

The Ecology Student Notebook

Drawing and Discovering Nature Notebook

Nature Study with Trees Leaves

Nature journals improve creativity and use sketches, pressed flowers, notes, copywork, nature-inspired poetry, pictures, and more.

Your kids will love that nature journaling has no rules, and you will love how much they are learning about nature.

Free Nature Journals for Kids text and three kids sitting in chairs outside with clipboards

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