FREE Marine Biology Curriculum

August 14, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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You won’t want to miss this FREE marine biology curriculum for your homeschool. Do your kids love all types of marine life? My kids are fascinated by them. They love sharks, whales, sea turtles, and starfish. With this free marine biology download, your kids can learn about them all.

Marine Biology K-8 Science Unit Study

My kids loved sea creatures when we lived in America. We had season passes to Sea World and being around so much marine life and themed activities never got old with them. 

Now that we live on an island in the South Pacific, they have learned to appreciate marine life even more so. There is one particular type of starfish that is a majestic bluish-purple color which feels like porcelain when you touch it. It is the most beautiful creature we have been able to touch here. 

When we go on boat rides, we are able to view the beauty of sea turtles — and whale season is June to August. Humpback whales migrate here during the season to have their babies in the warm waters. 

One time a couple of years back, we were randomly having a barbecue at our friend’s property on the beach shoreline. As we were getting the food ready, we started spotting whales jump out of the water and play. We all just froze in awe. I felt as if I wasn’t worthy to watch something so precious in my lifetime!

Needless to say, we are hooked at learning all about marine biology in our homeschool. My daughter has also shown interest in being a Marine Biologist. How awesome is that?

My kids are so intrigued about how humans have yet to explore most of the ocean. The mystery of the ocean has them wanting to learn more and more about it.

If your kids love sea life or you may be visiting an aquarium sometime soon, this FREE Marine Biology Curriculum will be a hit with the kids.

This 121-page Marine Biology Unit will take our kids through stunning photographs, simple experiments, and interactive learning to explore and gain a greater appreciation for God’s amazing creations of the sea. Children will also enjoy learning about tides, sea exploration, and seabirds.

Grab this FREE download for a Marine Biology Unit in your homeschool from the Good and the Beautiful curriculum.

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