FREE Greek Textbook for Homeschoolers (Limited Time)

August 28, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Homeschool Greek Volume One Cover

Homeschool Self-Study Greek: A Thorough Self-Teaching Grammar of Biblical Greek by Harvey Bluedorn is like no other Biblical Greek grammar.

Not only is Homeschool Greek self-teaching, but it is thorough. Students, both young and old, can teach themselves Greek in homeschool, in private school, or as a preparation for seminary or college.

Features include:

    • For ages 13 through adult — unlike other grammars, this is designed for younger students.
    • Teaches English grammar before it introduces Greek grammar.
  • Self-teaching — you do not need a teacher; the text is your teacher; the text continually asks questions and confirms or corrects your answers.
  • Programmed — the text takes us through the normal trivium process of learning.
  • Extensive preprinted Vocabulary Drill Cards.
  • A Greek New Testament Reader which covers Matthew 5-7, including an English translation.
  • Audio pronunciation files for both the textbook and the reader.
  • Diagnostic tests to determine whether the material has been mastered, and if not, what material to restudy.

Volume One has 18 chapters divided into 95 lessons and 15 comprehensive tests. The material begins very easy, gradually increases in difficulty, and concludes with five challenging chapters. The last 10 chapters use Biblical expressions for examples and exercises.

The student must memorize numerous Greek passages from the Proverbs and the New Testament. The text points out information which the student is required to enter in an orderly Greek notebook.

After completing Volume One, the student should have a working knowledge of Greek nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and prepositions and some knowledge of the Greek verb system. Younger students will take up to two years to complete Volume One. Adult students may be able to complete it in a few months.

There are four components to Homeschool Self-Study Greek: A Thorough Self-teaching Grammar of Biblical Greek:

1. Homeschool Self-Study Greek: A Thorough Self-teaching Grammar of Biblical Greek Textbook (304 pages) **FREE August 28-29**

2. Homeschool Self-Study Greek New Testament Reader (58 pages)

3. Homeschool Self-Study Greek Diagnostic Tests (28 pages)

4. Homeschool Self-Study Greek Vocabulary Drill Cards

Audio pronunciation files for both the Textbook and the Reader are found here.

For two days only, August 28-29, the Textbook (only the Textbook, not the other three components of the curriculum) will be free on Amazon Kindle.

If you prefer to buy the print version of all four components of Homeschool Self-Study Greek, go here.

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