FREE Gathering (Morning Time) Placemats to Connect with Your Children

August 19, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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After months of careful curating, the Gathering placemats for the 2019-2020 school year are ready and they are fabulous! The treasures in this collection are vast! All the hard work is finished and now you get the richest rewards. Implementing morning time (Gathering) is so easy with these simple placemats. All you need to do is print, laminate and enjoy.   The Secret to Connecting with Kids: Gathering Each set of Gathering placemats includes 4 versions of the placemat for variety throughout the month, whether you have one kid or more than you can handle. Every set has:
  • a hymn
  • Bible verses
  • poetry
  • four beautiful art pieces, and
  • memory work 
With these riches as the foundation, each month has more to offer, including: 
  • geography drills
  • biographies
  • vocabulary building with Latin roots, and
  • skip counting
And there is a lot of whimsy in these Gathering placemats, too: 
  • nursery rhymes 
  • tongue twisters 
  • riddles, and
  • simply silly jokes
 Subscribers to Simple.Home.Blessings. will receive a free season-less (evergreen) set of Gathering placemats to get the year started! And when you subscribe you will also get a 10% off code for your first order. Enrich your Gathering placemats with monthly email updates (with the answers to the hard questions on the placemats – wink). Resources to expand your Gathering to do one thing more with your family will be in each monthly email. Also, you can add music to your Gathering with the playlists provided monthly. Sign up to receive these free morning time gathering placemats and other amazing freebies HERE!
Subscriber Exclusive! Gathering printables

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