Free Classifying Invertebrates and Vertebrates Printables

September 11, 2019

Stacey Jones

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Learning about classifying invertebrates and vertebrates can be so much fun, especially for children who love learning about animals and the anatomy of animals. 

Classifying Invertebrates & Vertebrates


Vertebrates are animals with a backbone. This group consists of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds which make up only a small percentage of the animals on Earth.

Invertebrates are animals without a backbone and a majority, around 96%, of the animals on Earth belong to this group. Animals such as jellyfish, starfish, slugs, snails, crabs, butterfly, spiders and other insects are all part of the invertebrate group.

If you have lots of toy animals, you could create a fun hands-on activity for your children. Grab two baskets and label one invertebrates and the other vertebrates. Have your child place the animals into the correct baskets. They could even line up the animals into two lines, if they wish. They could also classify the animals into groups as well, having a basket for mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and others as well.

Sorting Mats

To help young children identify which animals belong to which group, these free Invertebrate and Vertebrate Sorting Mats are fun and exciting to use. There are two sets of sorting mats for children to use which can be made into self-checking by adding invertebrate or vertebrate in small writing to the back of the cards before laminating.

Free Classifying Invertebrates and Vertebrates Printables


Research Worksheets

For older children, these Research Worksheets provide a wealth of information on Vertebrates and Invertebrates as well as many written activities. They are currently free for the next couple of weeks.

Included in this fifty-plus page pack are activities that include:

  • Posters
  • Vocabulary
  • Sorting animals into the correct columns
  • Reading and writing the characteristics of both invertebrates and vertebrates
  • Notebooking Pages
  • Create two books, one for Invertebrates and one for Vertebrates
  • Learning how the animals are classified

Free Classifying Invertebrates and Vertebrates Printables

Pop over to Simple Living. Creative Learning and grab your Vertebrate and Invertebrates Research Worksheets for free, until the 20thSeptember. Use code: AnimalClass19

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