FREE Animal Seasonal Outfits Activity

March 25, 2020

Stacey Jones

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Teaching young children about the four different seasons is fun with this free Animal Seasonal Outfits Activity. With each season, certain clothing needs to be worn, and with this fun activity, children can learn about which clothing they can comfortably wear in each season all while working on their literacy skills.

Seasonal Outfits Activity

Animal Seasonal Outfits Activity

In this activity, there are nine animals including an elephant, dog, sheep, cat, hippo, pig and cow who are all dressed in seasonal clothes. These can be cut out along the solid gray line or around each individual animal which can be laminated for durability if you wish.

Also included in this Seasonal Outfits Activity are four backgrounds, one for each season. There are two backgrounds per page, which only need to be separated and laminated before use.

Next are the two sentence building pages. These pages contain strips that can be used to make a sentence. Each strip can be cut out along the solid black line and again laminated. Once the preparation has been completed, children can start using this activity.

To use, place the background, the animals and the sentence strips all relating to one season on a table. Have your child choose an animal and place it on the background mat. Children can then create their own sentence by looking at the animal and choosing the appropriate strips: eg. The bear is wearing a t-shirt, a skirt and sneakers. Then they can practice reading the sentence while pointing to the clothing.

Other ideas:

  • For young children, add Velcro dots to the back of the animals and sentence strips and on the front of the background mat for children to make it easier for children to place the strips onto.
  • For older children, that are able to read the sentences, they could practice writing the sentence, adding the correct punctuation as needed.
  • These backgrounds can also be used with other seasonal printables such as these Seasonal Rhyming Words Matching Cards.

Grab your free copy of this Seasonal Outfits Activity now.

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