Famous Inventors Series: FREE Printables, Unit Studies and Hands-On Activities – Alexander Graham Bell

May 25, 2017

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847,  in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was an American inventor who is best known as one of the primary inventors of the telephone. Enjoy these FREE Printables, Unit Studies and Hands-On Activities about the life and work of famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell

If you enjoy unit studies in your homeschool you will love this series on famous inventors. Inventions are fascinating and inventors are so much fun to learn about. It is a great conversation when you talk to your kids about the inventions that were created and what our world would be without these things. Makes for a great history lesson and a lesson on appreciating what we have!

In this series I will be highlighting some well known inventors with free printables, unit studies and hands-on activities that pertain to the particular invention the inventor created. Your kids will love learning about these famous inventors and their inventions that have made a huge impact on how we live our lives today!

This week we are learning about Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bill did important work in communication for the deaf and established a school for the deaf in Boston, Massachusetts. He was also a professor of speech and vocal physiology at Boston University. Teaching and experimenting with telegraph messages and devices to help the deaf learn to speak is what sparked the idea for the telephone. Explore these great FREE Printables, Unit Studies, and Hands-On Activities about Alexander Graham Bell!

FREE Printables:
Alexander Graham Bell Color by Word
Alexander Graham Bell Printable Biography
Telephone Invention Coloring Page
Alexander Graham Bell Coloring Page
Printable Word Search
Alexander Graham Bell Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheet
Alexander Graham Bell Fold and Learn 
Alexander Graham Bell Reading Comprehension and Questions Worksheet

Unit Studies:
Alexander Graham Bell Social Studies Unit
Alexander Graham Bell Homeschool Lesson Plans from The Homeschool Mom
Alexander Graham Bell Lesson Ideas from Educators Brain Pop
5 Fascinating Facts About Alexander Graham Bell that Aren’t About the Telephone from Smithsonian
This day in History: Alexander Graham Bell Patents the Telephone from History.com.
Learn the history of the telephone with these telephone history photo infographics from Prop Agenda.

Alexander Graham Bell Biography on Famous Scientists
Alexander Graham Bell Facts from Science Kids
Full Episode on Alexander Graham Bell on Biography.com
Alexander Graham Bell on Ducksters 

Hands-On Activities:
Printable on How to Make a Paper Cup
Alexander Graham Bell The Invention of the Telephone Hands on Activities: The Tuning Fork Experiment and Build the Liquid Transmitter from Julian Trubin
Make a Candlestick Telephone Kids Craft Project from Jennifer Grace Creates

Here are some fun videos that would go along great with a study of Alexander Graham Bell:
Biography of Alexander Graham Bell for Children

Hear Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice.

This video demonstrates how to construct a working model of Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone.

Here are some great books on Alexander Graham Bell
 that your children will love:


Who Was Alexander Graham Bell?

Listen Up! Alexander Graham Bell’s Talking Machine

Alexander Graham Bell Answers the Call

Alexander Graham Bell: Setting the Tone for Communication

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