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December 9, 2019

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If you’re thinking about adding an elective for your homeschool year, check out a few of AOP’s lesser-known yet excellent electives.

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Monarch Engineering & Innovation
This semester-long career course provides an introduction to the concepts of invention and innovation, details about the scope and nature of engineering, and biblical principles that serve as the foundation for engineering and work in general. Including lessons on patents and regulations, ethical and professional practices, analytical modeling, and biomedicine, Monarch Engineering & Innovation incorporates a Christian worldview that is supported throughout the course by scripture.

Monarch Introduction to Careers in Architecture and Construction
Learn about the planning that goes into construction projects before they begin! Students in grades 9-12 learn about residential and commercial construction, green developments, zoning, urban sprawl, and construction site safety, as well as visualization and design of construction projects. By the end of the semester-long course, students gain an understanding of the responsibilities in the industry and the unique factors that impact each project.

Monarch Business Law
For students in grades 10-12, Monarch Business Law teaches the vital legal concepts that affect commerce and trade. After learning how laws are created and interpreted, students spend time exploring the different types of businesses that can be created to engage in commerce and the contractual and liability considerations that can impact businesses. Throughout the semester-long course, students also study laws that affect how businesses are regulated and, in particular, what impact administrative rules and regulations have on businesses.

LIFEPAC Composition
LIFEPAC Composition provides an alternative, one-semester thematic study for students in grades 7-12. Step-by-step lessons solidify student understanding on a variety of topics, including sentence types, paragraph unity and coherence, pronunciation techniques, mnemonics, critical reading skills, formal and informal essays, dictionary usage, and punctuation.

This thematic course for grades 7-12 unlocks the fascinating world of geology. In this semester course, students study Christ-centered content that covers Earth’s structures and movements, fossils, relative and absolute time, oceanography, biological and chemical properties, atmospheric structure, pollution, and climates around the world.

Take the fear out of taking the GED with Switched-On Schoolhouse GED Preparatory courses. These eight-unit, computer-based electives offer a comprehensive overview of fundamentals with multimedia-enriched lessons. Better than expensive prep courses and costly books, Switched-On Schoolhouse GED Preparatory courses include time-saving tools parents love like automatic grading and lesson planning.

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