Earth Science Series: Caves FREE Printables and Resources

June 12, 2014

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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This is the second post in our Earth Science Series. Learning about caves is super fun for kids because they are so fascinating and mysterious. Use these free printables and resources to explore caves in your homeschool.

Caves are so fascinating to learn about! If you live near any caves make sure to visit them. Your whole family will feel like adventurous explorers.

What lives in caves?

Caves are dark and often very moist and humid – some even have underground lakes! Caves are home to many living creatures as well as mosses, ferns, and lots of creepy-crawlies. 

Cave Printables and Resources:

Into the Cave is a printable that focuses on learning geological vocabulary. (3rd grade)

Exploring Caves Teaching Packet for Grades K-3

National Park Service Carslbad Caverns has a page on Bats, Caves and Deserts with a complete curriculum to download!

Adventures in Wilson Butte Cave Junior Explorer Activity Book

Underground Cave Map

How Cave Biology Works: The Cave Ecosystem

Cave Science Experiments and Crafts

Washing Soda Stalactite Cave Pillar

Make Stalactites and Stalagmites

Crayola Bat Cave Craft

Make a Sugar Karst Cave

Paper Bag Cave Craft

Printable Bat Craft

Lists of caves to explore and visit:

23 of  the Most Insane Caves That You Can Explore These photos are AMAZING! 

The World’s Coolest Caves

Incredible Caves and Caverns in the U.S.

Websites to learn more about caves:

Batcon is a website devoted to Bat Conservation. They have lots of neat games, videos and information on bats and caves in their  Kidz Cave.

The Underground World of Caves has information on how caves are formed, cave formations, how caves are found, photos, and recommended reading lists.

The Virtual Cave is a cave photography website with amazing photos and lots of information. All photos are free to use without permission for educators and students. There is also a download on how to take great photographs in caves!

National Geographic Caves has articles, photos and information about caves.

Caveslime: Journey into Caves Find out all you’ve ever wanted to know about caves and the organisms that live there.

Here is a neat nature study from Shining Dawn Books on Flying Creatures of the Night which includes bats!


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