DIY Stepping and Garden Stones

June 10, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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We sure have been enjoying the down time of a lighter school schedule this summer. My girls really enjoy creating and crafting and we are able to do more of that during the summer months. They are constantly asking me year round to pull out the craft supplies, so I like to create a wish list of projects that we are wanting to tackle during these lighter months of schooling. One of the projects on my list was to create some DIY stepping and garden stones to place in our gardens.

DIY Stepping and Garden Stones

We love to be outside in nature and we really enjoy gardening. We have a few small gardens in our yard. We have some raised beds for vegetable gardening and two wild flower butterfly gardens. The wild flower butterfly gardens are more messy and well, wild! We are always having to get in them to pull out weeds and grass. Stepping stones are a great way to bring some fun color and personalization to your gardens, as well as a practical way to avoid muddy areas after a good summer rain.

There are lots of different types of DIY stepping and garden stones that you can create. You can get the kits from a craft store that have all of the supplies included. You can also create your own with dollar store supplies, pans you have in the kitchen and some quick set concrete. They are not hard to make at all and the final result is so beautiful and personal. These make great gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well. 


Check out these adorable DIY Stepping and Garden Stones:

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My girls love to be creative and they enjoy painting. I fell in love with these DIY Hand Painted Stepping Stones from Crafting Cheerfully. These stones are made from inexpensive plain pavers from your local hardware store and special outdoor paints. Your kids can really get creative with these, and they are less messy than making them from concrete!

DIY Stepping and Garden Stones


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DIY Stepping and Garden Stones






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