Free Compound Words Worksheets and Printable Games

September 14, 2021

Carrie Fernandez


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Introducing compound words doesn’t have to be boring. I remember doing lots fun compound word activities when I was in school. Help your students combine words they have already learned with these free compound words worksheets and printable games. Be sure top scroll to the end and grab our Free Compound Words Cut and Paste Activity Pack instant download. 

A olive green background with a boy and a thinking cloud. The thinking cloud is of the boy trying to put images into one word, or compound word.

What is a compound word?

When you describe what a compound word is to your students it may blow their minds. It is hard enough to learn smaller words but now – they have to put two words together.

That is exactly what a compound word is. Two words are fused together to form a new word meaning. The meaning is entirely new as the word homework. Home then work means schoolwork done in your house, and you totally get why those two words were put together.

A compound word can be a combination of noun + noun, adjective + noun, or a combo of nouns, verbs, prepositions, and adverbs.

What are the types of compound words?

There are three different types of compound words. So, to add to the complexity, not all compound words are put together the same way.

The 3 different types of compound words are closed compound words, open compound words, and hyphenated compound words.

Closed Compound Words – These two words do not have a space between them like these common compound words; classroom, homeschool, and sunlight. Closed compound words are the most common and the ones you can use to start introducing the concept to your kids.

Open Compound Words – Then, when there are two words right next to each other but they still make up a new meaning you have open compound words. The words seem separate with a space, yet when put next to each other they create one unique meaning. Examples of these open compounds are full moon, ice cream, coffee mug, and real estate.

Hyphenated Compound Words – Two words joined together by a hyphen are also called compound words – hyphenated compound words. Usually, the hyphenated compound word is an adjective word that precedes the noun it modifies (or describes). However, this isn’t ALWAYS the case.

Some examples of compound words with hyphens are long-term relationships, check-in times, mother-in-law, and twenty-three points.

Sometimes students need a little help recognizing the two words that build a compound word.

These free compound words worksheets and free compound words printable games are a fun way to learn all about them! Check out the free resources below to introduce and teach compound words in your homeschool. Here is a free downloadable compound words list if you need it.

Free Compound Words Worksheets and Printable Games

Scroll through our big list of printable compound word worksheets, games, and activities and grab the ones that will be helpful to you. 

Compound Words Printable Worksheets

Free Compound Word Worksheets – Help your children practice compound words with this collection of compound words worksheets for skills practice. This free resource also has a list of compound words for your students to view.

Apple Theme Compound Words Worksheets – These adorable compound words and compound adjective words worksheets are exactly what your children need to improve their skills. English worksheets like these are perfect for your little ones to start getting familiar with compounds.

Compound Words Assessment Worksheet – Gauge where your children are with compound word knowledge. This 20-question assessment will help you determine your child’s level of comprehension for compound words.

Various Grade Compound Word Worksheets – Check out this awesome resource of compound word worksheets. There are free worksheets for K – 4th grade, and specific worksheets for 1st grade, 2nd grade kids, 3rd grade, and 4th grade.

Matching Compound Words Worksheet – This worksheet activity is for 1st to 3rd graders. It is a simple and fun matching activity worksheet for kids to create simple compound words.

Compound Words Printable Games

File Folder Compound Words Game – Grab this fun game to teach your students new compound words. It may be time to go from small words to bigger ones by learning different types of compound words with this folder game.

Compound Words Card Games – These compound words matching games and other games are perfect for knowing how to break apart the two words that make up a compound word. This free resource will be a hit with your kids.

Card Game with Compound Words – Putting word parts together with this card game will be fun for your young learners. Match the word and clip art image to the correct pictures kids can form a list of compound words.

Compound Words Snowball Fight – Check out the text link and new window for a quick fun game for introducing your students to compound words. You can also use the cards to play the classic “memory” game.

Printable Compound Words Game for Kids – Use this game so two small words can form a new word to get a brand new meaning. Individual words and images won’t be alone for long with this fun compound words pack game.

Compound Words Printable Activities

Compound Word Folder Activity – This is a subscription freebie compound words game. You could also use these printables to create a Compound Word Folder, a lift-the-flap book of sorts, as shown in the picture below.

Compound Word Puzzles – Getting an understanding of compound words can be puzzling. (See what I did there?) Anyway, check out this super fun activity to help your students practice compound words.

Part 2 of the Compound Word Puzzles Above – Help your students master the concept of compound words with Part 2 of the compound word puzzles above from Playdough to Plato. Your young readers can help perfect their skills with extra practice.

Compound Words Stamping with Kinetic Sand Activity – This is an absolutely fun activity to help your students build their word bank as they grab this free printable pdf to help. Kids can actually stamp compound words in the sand.

Graphic Organizer for Compound Words – This free compound word foldable organizer is the perfect activity for extra compound word exercises. Kids will have space to make their very own compound words to build vocabulary and learn about root words.

Language Arts Cut & Paste Activity (Including Compound Words) – Grab even more compound word practice alongside even more language arts skills with our FREE Language Arts Cut & Paste activity. This awesome hands-on activity also has practice for homonyms, homonyms, homophones, rhyming words, synonyms, and antonyms. 

Free Compound Words Cut and Paste Activity Pack

cut and paste compound word pages

Instant Download from WriteBonnieRose: Your young learners can get some fine motor skills practice with this FREE Compound Word Cut & Paste unit. They can have fun finding the right cards and pictures they can put together to make 24 compound words. Then they can cut each one out and paste it in the correct place on the worksheets.

Download: Free Compound Words Cut and Paste Activity Pack

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