Command Center for Kids ~FREE Printables

January 5, 2018

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I could tell my kids things five hundred times, it seems like, before they actually do what I asked. Sometimes I think its not that they don’t want to, although that could be part of it, but they seem to just get distracted so much. I say things over and over some days and I just get tired of hearing myself. In this New Year, why not try something different?

Command centers have literally changed the home lives of many moms I know. They have been known to make things just run smoother during the day. I think command centers just allow kids to have visual cues of what to do during the day and physically cross them off when done. It is a fantastic tool to encourage independence and make them feel empowered each day.  

Click HERE for Sunny Day Family‘s help in creating the perfect command center for your home.

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