Archimedes: Beyond “Eureka!” FREE Printable

June 11, 2019

Shannan Swindler

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Do you find your best answers while in the bath or shower? Maybe you’re like this famous scientist.

I don’t know about you, but I do! There is something about a hot shower (or bath), isn’t there? I’ve never quite understood why ideas are more easily accessible in the shower. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve exclaimed “Eureka!” just like Archimedes did when he made one of his many important scientific discoveries.

Archimedes, who lived in Sicily between 287-212 B.C, is probably most famous for his “Eureka” moment. “Eureka,” in Greek literally means “ I found it!” It is said that he exclaimed, “Eureka!” when he found the answer to how his cousin, Hiero II, the ruler of Syracuse, Sicily, had been cheated by a local goldsmith tasked with making a golden crown.

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Let’s Study Archimedes

It’s often easy to forget that Archimedes lived at the height of the Classical Age and experienced the rise of the Roman Empire first hand. Greece in 267 BC was in chaos. The FREE printable below will help you understand what was happening around Archimedes and why his contribution to science and history was so important then and how they were a foundation for later scientific discoveries.

Grab the FREE PRINTABLE below for:

  • fun facts – including a comprehension game.
  • a history timeline, and
  • a fun, easy to do science experiment.

Studying Archimedes is a great “anytime” activity!

There are quite a few ways to go about learning about this Famous Scientist, here are a few favorites!

  • Read up on the life of Archimedes – Learn why Archimedes is considered the greatest scientist of the Classical Age.
  • Watch a fun video! These videos will help you quickly learn about Archimedes
    • Archimedes biography – Via YouTube
    • The Archimedes Palimpsest – The informative video using classic images and maps is great for all ages. The site also has extra information for your older students who want to learn more about the life, times, and inventions of this famous scientist.
  • Do an experiment! You can test bouncy in your outdoor kiddie pool, kitchen sink, or bathtub. Don’t forget to wear a swimsuit when you run around the house yelling “Eureka!” The experiment is in the FREE Printable.

Learn on Location at a Museum. Check out these great museums with Archimedes exhibits.

If you can’t quite get to the museum, bring the fun right to you with these really fun books, videos, games, and science kits.

You can find the full story about the golden crown,  as well as learning about his other inventions and discoveries  in these books and videos:


Prime Videos

Games & Science Kits

Grab Your FREE Printable! Tap The Image Below.image of ARchimides with text overlay. Fre Printable. Archimedes: Beyond "Eureka!" Unit study sample on

More About This Famous Scientist:



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