7 DIY Coffee Station Ideas That Will Step Up Your Coffee Game

February 2, 2018

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Check out these 7 DIY coffee station ideas that will step up your coffee game, for sure. I am so excited to try out one of these coffee station DIY ideas. Let me tell you why. The love for coffee in my family has gradually shifted my original decor for the kitchen. My kitchen is, by no means, fancy. However, I found this killer deal on clear, swing-top, tall food storage glass jars to use as coffee, sugar, flour and oatmeal containers. They looked so cool and gave my kitchen a country feel to it. Well, fast forward a few months later… they just weren’t practical in a small kitchen. They ended up being moved on another counter, out of sight; I am getting sad thinking about it. Anyway, so in came the eye sore; coffee brand container, ugly sugar jar, ugly tea bag holder/container thingy. We simply needed and used these more than we needed our pretty clear, swing-top, tall food storage glass jars.

I am stoked to use one of the 7 DIY coffee station ideas to get rid of the current eye sore we have going on in our kitchen right now. Mommy is taking charge of her kitchen again.

Click here for www.xokatierosarios.com‘s 7 do-it-yourself coffee station ideas you will want in your kitchen ASAP.

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