6 Free Ways To Have Fun Studying Shakespeare In Your Homeschool

April 15, 2020

Shannan Swindler

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Image of Shakespeare with text overlay. Let's Study Shakespeare: 6 Free Ways To Have Fun With Shakespeare In Your Homeschool

6 Super Fun & Free Ways To Study Shakespeare In Your Homeschool!

Learning about Shakespeare doesn’t have to be boring. Keep it simple, and fun with these virtual tours, copy work, Youtube videos, and engaging activities perfect for your middle and high school homeschoolers. Let’s dive in!

Your FREE Shakespeare Quotes & Copy Work is at the end of this post.

1. Read A Play or Watch A Movie Based On A Play

There are so many plays by ‘The Bard’ to choose from & even more movies! Choose one that best suits your family, and what you want will inspire your children. The language of Shakespeare is challenging, so getting out of the books and listening and watching (even with subtitles on)  productions of Shakespeare done well is so beneficial. Take time to explain the story before you jump in and everyone will get something new out of the experience.

2. Memorize & Present A Monologue Or Soliloquy

There are some famous speeches that only Shakespeare could have written. Find one that fits the ability and personality of your child and let them have fun expressing their inner-Bard!

3. Listen To A Podcast/Audiobook

Podcasts and audiobooks are great ways to pass the time in the car, or doing chores. They can even be handy when doing other subjects like geography or copy work. So find one that is enjoyable to listen to and have fun with. Stopping and starting to answer questions is always encouraged, at least at our house!


4. Write Your Own Sonnet

If you take time to study a few sonnets, asking your kids to write one of their own can be really fun. If it’s challenging, do it as a family and see what you can come up with. Even ‘The Bard’ worked with others to cultivate his ideas.

Ok, so maybe writing your own sonnet is kinda hard for some, it would be for me! So how about starting off with some copy work of lines from some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Your FREE download is at the end of this post.

5. Virtual Tours Of The Globe Theatre & Other Places Made Famous By Shakespeare

Since we are talking about ways to learn about Shakespeare without leaving your home, don’t miss out on virtual tours of Shakespeare’s most famous places. There are ‘home video’ style travel videos on youtube. You might even find virtual walking tours, so lace up your shoes, hop on the treadmill and walk where Shakespeare walked…all from the comfort of your home! 


6. Explore The Language & History Of The Bard

The language of Shakespeare can be challenging. It can also be really fun! When Shakespeare didn’t know how to describe something, he just invented a word. Have fun exploring old English, inventing words, and composing your family’s ‘first folio’ just like Shakespeare!

Let’s Study Shakespeare’s Medieval England: A perfect companion study for your British literature lessons. 

Now pulling all those resources together in one place can be quite overwhelming, but with the right resources, studying Shakespeare can be thoroughly enjoyable for everyone in the family. The Let’s Study Shakespeare’s Medieval England resource is the perfect unit study to look at the life, history & culture of medieval England (and other parts of the world too). Completing this study before embarking on an in-depth study of Shakspeare will create a broad base of understanding and bring a richness to the study of any of Shakespeare’s famous works. 

Have fun learning about Shakespear’s life, customs, and historical moments. Include copy work, exciting projects, and a variety of resources to engage every middle schooler or high schooler. 

Download Shakespeare Quotes & Copy Work here.

Image of Shakespeare with text overlay. Let's Study Shakespeare: 6 Free Ways To Have Fun With Shakespeare In Your Homeschool


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