4 Ways to Encourage Your Teenaged Artist

October 21, 2021

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Homeschooled teens have a unique opportunity to lean into their passions and interests. By giving them opportunities to try new techniques, they will be able to explore their giftings and improve their artistry. If you’re looking for some unique ideas for your middle and high schoolers, then here are four ways you can encourage your teenaged artist.

patterned bracelets and text 4 Ways to Encourage Your Teenaged Artist

Macrame for your Teenaged Artist

Everything old is new again. With a few simple supplies, your teenaged artist can try their hand at macrame. It’s an easy technique to learn and with a few basics of knotting and braiding, your teen can create beautiful home décor.

KiwiCo has a sample Maker Crate for teens that gives them all the supplies and instructions necessary to craft beautiful macrame planters.

two hanging plants, a table, and a white wall background

While your teen is exploring some new crafting mediums, your younger kids might be wishing to try some too. If that’s the case, you’ll love to check out these budget friendly handicrafts. Taking these tutorials and running with them will add some great creativity time to your homeschool day. Your kids can learn weaving, which is very similar to the macrame project here. Or, they can explore other handicrafts like sewing, working with air dry clay, and using natural materials in their artistic pursuits.


Punch needle design is related to rug hooking and the technique goes back hundreds of years or more. It’s easy for beginners to get started with this craft! In its simplest form, punch needle crafts are those in which the crafter uses a punch needle to form continuous loops of yarn into cloth.

Your teens will learn about dimension, texture, negative space, and other visual elements as they learn this technique.

Kids from ages 14+ can explore punch needling with a sample Maker Crate from KiwiCo.

punch needle pillow

Yarn is a very popular craft supply! While punch needle embroidery might be more suited to your teens, even your younger kids can have fun using art creatively. Here is some inspiration to get you started. And bonus tip: head over to your favorite thrift store to find yarn and other crafting supplies at great prices! Plus, you’ll be turning someone else’s trash into your treasure. 

Crafting with Clay

For a unique take on clay artistry, KiwiCo offers a Terrazzo Clay Maker Crate for teens. Terrazzo is a traditional mosaic-like art form. Your teens will be encouraged to grow in their artistry by creating  terrazzo clay organizers for their desk or room. And if they love the project, who knows? They just might be inspired to create more.

wooden tray and boxes for crafts

The other great thing about the Maker Crate is that your teens will learn the history behind the art form, so you’ll be combining art, history, and real-life applications within each learning experience. Plus, your teen will have access to online video tutorials which are a real bonus for your visual learners.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

While they’re crafting for fun, why not open an Etsy shop and sell their creations to the world? Encouraging entrepreneurship in your teenaged artist will not only grow them in their creativity but also in their business skills. Teenage entrepreneurship is a great pursuit in homeschools.

Your teen can use their newly developed skills from the Maker Crate to branch out and craft new products and designs. Not all teens will want to create a business from their crafting hobby, but many will. And you might not know if that desire is there unless you encourage your teenaged artist to try.

Maker Crate from KiwiCo


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