31 Unique Homemade Slime Recipes for All Ages

May 4, 2019

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Slime has been around the education world for years. And even longer as a play toy for kids. Several years ago, homemade slime was so popular it created a shortage of glue in the stores. How crazy is that?!

31 unique homemade slime recipes for all ages

But being the non-Pinterest Mom that I am, I loathe slime. It is messy and goopy and sticky. But my kids beg me all the time to have slime. Although I have had my weak moments and given in on occasion, by and large my older kids are deprived of the slime era.

However, I struggle with keeping it at bay completely. It is such a great sensory tool for little kids, especially if they struggle with fine motor skills. And I have seen some really great changes and improvements come out of using it, even in short spurts. But I’ll be honest, it is not something I keep on hand.

That being said, I do think it could be used with great success so long as you set a few ground rules. First, I wouldn’t allow it near any carpeted areas. That stuff is crazy hard to get out of your carpet, especially if you don’t realize its there and it dries. (Ask me how I know!) Second, if you have little ones playing with slime, I highly recommend laying down wax paper to play over, so it doesn’t stick to your table and so they can be taught to keep it over one area.

If you’re like me and not in to keeping tons of supplies or crafts on-hand, you could still make slime for special occasions. Whether it be a birthday party or just a fun day with your kids, we’ve got some super cute slime recipes that are sure to be a hit with your kids! And as you’ll see, you can pretty much add anything to slime and make it completely new each time!

31 Unique Homemade Slime Recipes for All Ages

Disney Princess Slime – If you have a princess fan in your house, this slime is a must-make! With sparkles, crowns and all things that glitter, any princess-lover will gush over this one!

Floam Slime – I loved playing with floam as a kid! Now you can make your own recipe right at home and play to your hearts content!

Butter Slime – Don’t be fooled by the name, there is no actual butter in this recipe. But when made properly, it will be silky smooth just like butter.

Edible Pudding Slime – Okay, so we don’t recommend feeding your kids slime for dessert, but this edible pudding slime smells good enough to eat! And if your little one gets a little taste, it’s not toxic.

Galaxy Slime – Transport yourself to a whole new world with this galaxy slime. The mixture of colors and sparkle is perfect for any space trekking kid!

Edible Starburst Slime – Now this recipe truly is safe to eat! Combine their love of playing with sticky, stretchy things and the sweetness of Starburst and you’ve got a winner on your hands (literally)!

Fluffy Slime – “It’s so fluffy I could die!” should be the theme of this slime! Make it with unicorn colors and your little girls will love playing for hours.

Buildable Rock Slime – Real rocks make this slime a bolder choice than most. This slime really is moldable and buildable, which is perfect for construction play!

Mermaid Slime – Mermaids are my favorite. This slime is positively perfect for any mermaid fan or mermaid themed party with friends.

Rainbow Slime – This rainbow slime is the perfect pick-me-up on a stormy day. This vibrant rainbow slime takes a few extra steps, but the final result is so worth it!

Clay Slime – Adding modeling clay to the basic slime recipe turns this household favorite into smooth buttery goodness!

Starbucks Frappuccino Slime – If you drink Starbucks Frappuccino’s, this is a fun little slime to make. Plus you can smell it for days while the kids play.

Chocolate Slime – Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of chocolate? Now you can have both with this totally edible chocolate slime recipe made with real chocolate chips!

Gemstone Slime – Do your kids love to pick up those little rock bags when you’re on vacation? Now they can use them in this easy-to-make geological themed slime!

Slime Monsters – This monster slime recipe is a wonderful mix of sensory and creative play. Using googly eyes and a few fun shapes, your kids can make slimey monsters for hours!

Unicorn Snot Slime – Did you know unicorns have rainbow boogers and sparkly snot? Well they do and this slime recipe combines them perfectly for unicorn fans everywhere!

Sight Words Slime – Learning sight words isn’t always fun. But combining it with this slime recipe to make it a hunt-and-find activity is purely genius!

Star Wars Slime – Star Wars fans of all ages will love this adorable slime concoction! If your kids have figurines like mine, they will have a blast playing with this slime together.

Dragons Love Tacos Slime – This book is such a fun-loving, silly book kids absolutely love. And this “Totally Mild Salsa” Slime is the perfect playful companion as you read.

Bird Seed Slime – Whether you’re studying birds or looking for a fun outdoorsy slime, this birdseed slime is just the ticket!

Toothpaste Orbeez Slime – Do you have water beads in your sensory bins? Now you can use them in this super easy and fun slime recipe.

Fish in a Bag Slime – Did you ever get a fish from the carnival or store and carry it home in a bag? Now your kids have the same fun with slime. 

Fluffy Sand Slime – If your kids love fluffy things, this slime does not disappoint! With just 4 ingredients, this fluffy sand slime is borax free and oh so easy!

Mod Podge Confetti Slime (No Borax) – Anyone who knows me knows I can’t stand two things – glitter and confetti. This slime is the perfect way to give them a way to play with confetti while keeping it contained.

Hot Chocolate Sensory Play Slime – Who doesn’t love a good cup of hot chocolate? Now your kids don’t have to wait for cold weather to have some! Make this fun sensory slime and let them play away any time of year.

Gold Slime Recipe – I absolutely love this gold slime recipe! It could be used for a pirate theme, princess or fairy tale theme or save it for St. Patrick’s Day! So much fun with only 3 ingredients.

Disney’s Frozen-Inspired Slime – If you have an Elsa fan, this slime is a must-make! You can add as much or as little as you want to the slime, but the clear blue color is what makes this perfectly magical.

Chalkboard Slime – This chalkboard slime is the perfect combination of fun and learning! With just a few ingredients and a little muscle, your kids can create their own designs on their little portion of this chalkboard slime!

Erupting Volcano Slime – What’s more fun than ooey-gooey slime? Erupting slime! Kids will love making this erupt after making and playing with the slime. Just another added dimension to their fun and learning!

Magnetic Slime – If your kid are fascinated with all things magnetic like mine, this slime is the perfect addition to your collection!

Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime – Do you remember all that color-changing stuff when we were kids? Now you can make this fun heat sensitive slime right at home! Plus it has some awesome science to learn too!


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31 unique homemade slime recipes for all ages

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