30 Things You Can Do During a Monarch 30-Day Trial

November 8, 2021

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A Monarch free trial doesn’t mean restricted access to only a few of Monarch’s courses and features. When you start a Monarch 30-day trial, you get access to 5 main subjects across grades 3-12. In addition, you get with all the many unique features that make Monarch the game-changer in homeschool curriculum. Check out our list of everything you can do with your Monarch free trial.

30 Things You Can Do During a Monarch 30-Day Trial

  1. Register your student(s) and assign courses.
  2. Adjust the school year according to your schedule.
  3. Automatically assign coursework.
  4. Customize the calendar and reschedule projects and assignments as needed.
  5. View the student guide for an introduction to Monarch.
  6. Let Monarch’s automatic grading grade 85% of coursework.
  7. View your student’s report card.
  8. Run a daily work report for any student.
  9. View grading tasks or skipped problems in the parent dashboard.
  10. Complete assignments and scheduled coursework.
  11. Access student resources, including periodic table of elements, times tables, and more.
  12. View scheduled coursework for the upcoming week.
  13. Complete placement tests.
  14. Access 5 main subjects across the 10 grade levels of 3-12.
  15. Play interactive games to reinforce lessons.
  16. Send and receive messages to student(s).
  17. Take quizzes and test for review.
  18. Adjust quiz and test options to allow students to skip problems, use open book, and more.
  19. Change your subscription plan.
  20. Customize the grading scale.
  21. Choose to be notified if your student has a past-due assignment or scores below a certain grade mark.
  22. Browse Monarch’s course catalog for electives to add-on to your subscription plan.
  23. View and complete upcoming grading tasks.
  24. Mark a student as sick/absent and reschedule coursework.
  25. Customize assignment settings to allow for maximum number of attempts for multiple choice and true or false questions.
  26. Choose your Bible translation (King James Version or New American Standard Bible).
  27. Watch video clips to reinforce lessons.
  28. Skip problems to wait and ask for assistance.
  29. Print lessons.
  30. Listen to lessons with the text-to-speech option.

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