27 Fun & Clever Uses for Washi Tape

September 5, 2018

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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I’ve never been an overly crafty person. In fact, crafts make me so nervous! They seriously stress me out, because I am such a perfectionist. My daughters, however, love to be creative and enjoy it, so I am trying to help nurture their love of crafting and creating without breaking out in hives.

Have you ever used Washi Tape? Until my youngest daughter wanted to create her own cardboard doll house, we had never tried it. But now we're hooked! Check out these other clever and fun uses for it! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

Several months ago, my youngest daughter decided she wanted to make her own doll house. We don’t have room for a large one, so she got creative with some cardboard boxes and began building. I was absolutely blown away with her ingenuity and creativity. One of her favorite thing to use to accessorize her “house” was washi tape.

Not being a crafty person, I had not used it before, so we had a bit of a learning curve. But after a few attempts we figured it out and off she went on her merry little creative way. Several hours later, she was thrilled and we were out of washi tape. Now she wants to do more crafts using washi tape, so I started looking and there are some seriously cute projects you can do! Check these out!

Washi Tape Nail Art | Hello Little Home

Washi Tape Cord Labels | Crazy Organized

Washi Tape Craft Stick Frames | Typically Simple

Washi Tape Cards | A Step in the Journey

Washi Tape Bunting | Laura’s Crafty Life

How to Add Detail to Furniture with Washi Tape | Canary Street Crafts

Organize iPhone Chargers with Washi Tape | Shaken Together

Washi Tape Pencils and Desk Cup | Happiness is Homemade

Washi Tape Cell Phone Cover | The Crafty Blog Stalker

Washi Tape Gift Card Holder | Laura’s Crafty Life

Washi Tape Chipboard Décor | Live Laugh Rowe

Washi Tape Letters | Diva of DIY

Washi Tape Bookmarks: A Simple Craft for Kids | Kenarry

Lollipop Sticks Wrapped with Washi Tape | The Southern Couture

Washi Tape Dry Erase Board | Dukes and Duchesses

Upcycled Baby Food Jars | Lovely etc.

Paper Mache & Washi Tape | Live Laugh Rowe

Washi Tape Flowers | DIY Candy

Washi Tape Bookcase | Oh My! Creative

Washi Tape Chalkboard | Laura’s Crafty Life

Washi Tape Succulent Pots | Create Craft Love

DIY Washi Tape Bandages | Hello Creative Family

Washi Tape Bow Cupcake Bunting | Shaken Together

Decorate Sunglasses with Washi Tape | Moms and Crafters

Washi Tape Gift Wrap | Dukes and Duchesses

Washi Tape Decorated Plastic Silverware | Tikkido

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