150 FREE ABC Watercolor Flashcards

December 9, 2020


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Who needs another flashcard? Well… I did. I wanted more, at least. I absolutely love a well-made flashcard. They are excellent for engaging young readers in learning their letter names and sounds.

As our children grow in fluency, they’re fantastic for sight word exposure as well as practicing more challenging digraphs and blends. Plus, when it comes down to it… can we have TOO MUCH pretty in our homeschooling space?

If we are going to utilize flashcards, they should be beautiful, realistic, inviting, and part of the “beauty” that encompasses our homeschooling atmosphere. Where does that leave us?

150 FREE ABC Watercolor Flashcards text with image examples of cards with a pink colored background

It leaves us with this set of over 150 flashcards! I’ve created a deck that gives 2-5 options for each word of the alphabet. I’ve also included a variety of sound options for letters that have a variety of initial sounds. Beyond that, you’ll find 19 diagraphs and blends that mirror Levels 1 and 2 of the All About Reading program. Lastly, there is a bank of 92 Dolch sight words, formatted to be utilized as flashcards or conveniently as copywork.

A fun additional feature is that you can separate the word from each flashcard and use them as matching games as well. Also, consider making two copies, keeping one intact and cutting the other one below the letter and above the word, giving you a fun, 4-part card set for letter recognition and early reading skills.

I think (or at least hope!), you’ll love adding this flashcard set into your own homeschool space and into your day!

You can easily grab this FREE DOWNLOAD at THIS LINK at Life, Abundantly. ENJOY! 

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