FREE Printable Action Verb Worksheet


Verbs. Sigh. Either you “get” them or you struggle through practice sheets for 10 of your 12 years of schooling. If I could encourage you moms that have younger elementary students that have a hard time understanding verbs, don’t give up! I thought my own children were destined for a life of grammar misunderstanding, but […]

FREE Printable Prefix Suffix Worksheet


Games and activities are always a fun way to learn or practice a particular skill. This free, printable Prefix Suffix Worksheet will encourage your student to really think. Once you follow the link, download the worksheet by clicking on the download icon to the right of the page. (It’s a downward arrow inside a small […]

Free Turtle K-2 Fun Pack


After you’ve been outside and seen turtles this spring, your kids will enjoy this turtle-themed learning pack full of fun! Springtime brings lots of animals out and about for you and your kids to enjoy watching while out on nature explorations! Your K-2 students will have fun playing and learning with the turtle themed bingo cards, […]

Free Turtle PreK Fun Pack


Before you head outdoors (or when you get home!) your early learners will have fun using the turtle themed activities inside this Prek pack! Spring is here and turtles are sure to be found when you and your kids go out exploring for nature studies! Preschoolers will have fun using the turtle themed tracing activities, puzzles […]

Free Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Pages


If the weather isn’t right for a picnic have fun coloring the pages with your kids together until there is a better day for a picnic! Coloring is a great summertime activity and often families go on picnics in the summertime too! Take the two and put them together by printing off these fun coloring […]

Free Teddy Bear Writing Prompts


Writing my not be their favorite school subject, but when they’re given fun writing prompts it can become easier and more fun! Take your children’s love for teddy bears and use it to encourage them to write! Children of all ages love teddy bears, they provide comfort and wonderful snuggles! Your kids will enjoy writing […]

Free The Life Cycle of an Oak Tree Copywork Pack


Make handwriting practice enjoyable by using fun resources! Encouraging your kids to work on their handwriting skills is not a homeschool mom’s favorite thing to do, yet it is important! Our children need to know how to write neatly. Your kids will have fun working on their handwriting skills and learning about trees with this fun […]