Sensory Activities Using Koolaid

Kool Aid

There are so many fun sensory activities out there, that use all types of ingredients, but I would’ve never considered using Koolaid!I have been finding the coolest sensory activities that use Koolaid! It is bright and full of pretty colors, and it also smells great. Koolaid can make for an amazing ingredient for these fun […]

Erupting Volcanoes: Fun Sensory Experiments


Do you have little ones that love to participate in the science experiments that you do with your older children?My little ones always love to participate in the fun, messy, hands-on science experiments that we did with my older children. My older children even love to “help” and play with the little ones when we do […]

Messy Sensory Activities for Outdoor Play Series: Bubbles!


Long, Summer days are perfect days for messy, outdoor play time!I love Summer time because we usually do very light school, so we have a lot of free time on our hands. Here in Florida the days can be very long and we can go stir crazy staying inside the house. The kids love to play […]

Homemade Paint Recipes and Ideas


Have you ever considered making your own paint?I like to call myself a pretty crafty person, but one thing I have never done is make homemade paint! I have never even thought about it before until I saw all these cool recipes on Pinterest! There are some really neat homemade paint recipes! I thought I would […]

Preschool Play Dough Recipes and Printables


Do your preschoolers love to play with Play Dough?Playdough is such a fun sensory play activity that can keep your little ones busy for hours. My toddler loves to play with her playdough while I am teaching the older ones. My older girls still love to play with it, especially when it’s pretty and scented! […]