FREE Geography Matching Activity


This free geography matching activity will help your homeschool students learn the 7 continents of the world. The activity is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten to introduce the continents. Even at an early age, preschoolers can learn to visually recognize the world map and the shapes of each continent. For scissor skills practice, children can […]

FREE Letter Match Activity

Pizza Letter Matching_free

Help your homeschool practice upper and lower case letters with this free printable pizza letter matching game. I am so happy about the many letter practicing printables I have been finding for alphabet skills. Letter matching games are great ways to practice the alphabet with preschoolers and pizza, well is amazing. The free printable game […]

FREE Rhyme Time Game Boards


Grab these Rhyme Time Game Boards to go alongside your lessons when teaching rhyming words. These will surely be fun rhyming activities for preschool or early kindergarten homeschool practice. Rhyming is such an important pre-reading skill. It gets kids thinking outside of the box and making necessary connections to begin reading.Click here to check out […]

FREE Cut and Paste Pattern Practice


Grab this free cut and paste pattern practice with crayon buddies for your young learner. These few important skill-building exercises are all in one fun worksheet. These are adorable printables for your young learner. These crayon buddies will be a hit for your kiddos.  Click here for free cut and paste pattern practice from The Art […]

FREE Printable Letter Matching Game


Kindergarten and first grade children will enjoy learning their letter matches with this free, printable game. It’s colorful, and each game piece is a puzzle piece that matches its corresponding upper- or lowercase letter. Kids will have fun and learn at the same time!Click here to continue reading over at and to access your free […]

7 Continents of the World FREE Printable Matching Activity


Are you studying geography this year? Check out this free, printable Continent Matching Activity. It’s especially great for younger children, but older ones may find it helpful as well. It will help your child to visually recognize the shape of the different continents!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save […]

FREE Printable Preschool Assessment & Goals Workbook

Preschool-Assessment-and-Goals-Workbook (1)

Check out this fantastic workbook for assessing your preschooler’s skills. You can check his abilities to form letters and numbers, recognize shapes, colors, and patterns, and lots, lots more! Then you’ll know what areas you’ll most need to work on with your little one.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to […]