39 FREE Bible Coloring Pages and Bible Journal Idea

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Memorizing the books of the bible can be a fun goal for children. These 39 FREE bible coloring pages are a great way to help in memorizing the Old Testament books. Your child can color these pages on their own and memorize the names of the Old Testament books of the bible at the same time. Also […]

Mixed Media Art with Fabric for Kids


Throw something off-the-wall at your children when it’s time to create some art this week. Introduce them to the fun of mixed media art, specifically with fabric. It requires fabric scraps, but don’t worry about buying them if you don’t have any. Ask around! You’re almost certain to have a friend that can’t bring herself […]

FREE Printable Bird Trace and Color Pages


Have the wild birds in your area returned to your yard? We have blue jays and cardinals that love our bird feeders, and they give us such a thrill to watch! Download these pages for your children. They will enjoy tracing and coloring them, and they can learn to recognize the bird types. Perfect for […]

FREE Sight Word Printables


Give your young reader some fun practice with these free Sight Word printables! There are 14 pages full of words and styles to color and trace. Your child will love the creative ways she can practice her sight words! Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress […]

Free Dragonfly Coloring Pages


Springtime is full of new life everywhere! Whether your kids love to hear the birds sing, smell the flowers that bloom, or see the dragonflies that fly through the air, being outdoors is the best spring activity for kids! Before you head outdoors, be sure to take a few activities that your kids can enjoy […]

Free Religious Easter Color by Letter and Sight Word Worksheets


Your early readers need to continue working on their letter recognition while learning to read. With Easter just around the corner, it is a great time to look for fun, reading activities for your little learners to use surrounding the holiday. These free worksheets are a great resource to work on the alphabet and sight […]

Free Easter Color By Letter & Sight Word Worksheets


These Easter worksheets are a great resource for holiday reading lesson fun! Early readers like to have fun activities to help them continue working on learning to read. Easter is just around the corner, so it is time to start looking for fun, homeschool resources to celebrate the holiday! Your early readers will have fun […]