FREE Timeline of Alberta History

FREE Timeline of Alberta History Printable

Alberta is the Prairie Province of the Dominion of Canada that is farthest to the west and is one of the most productive oil regions in North America. There are national parks, forts, missions, and trading posts that represent Alberta’s history, along with attractions such as skiing, hunting, and fishing that attract visitors from many […]

FREE Timeline of Prince Edward Island History

FREE Timeline of Prince Edward Island History Printable

Prince Edward Island became the seventh province of the Dominion of Canada and is the only province that is completely separate from the mainland of North America. Although the island is small, the hardworking people have developed an economy built on agriculture, aquaculture, food processing, aerospace, bioscience, and many other industries. Explore the home of George […]

FREE Timeline of British Columbia History

FREE Timeline of British Columbia History

British Columbia is the third-largest province of the Dominion of Canada and the only province that lies on the Pacific Ocean. It includes an island group about sixty miles from the mainland and Vancouver Island, where British Columbia’s capital is located. Discover the home of Glenn Anderson, William Richard Benett, Iona Campagnolo, Kim Campbell, Raymond […]

FREE Timeline of Northwest Territories History

Timeline of Northwest Territories History

Northwest Territories lies in the far north of the Dominion of Canada and includes islands in the Arctic Ocean. It is an important source of natural resources, including diamonds and petroleum, and is also home to the largest remaining herd of buffalo in Canada. Two of the many famous people born in the Northwest Territories […]

FREE Timeline of Manitoba History

Timeline of Manitoba History

Manitoba is one of the three Prairie Provinces of the Dominion of Canada, and is located halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Manitoba is famous for its natural resources, which include nickel and zinc. It also has many forests, rivers, and lakes, which make it a popular place for tourists to visit. […]

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It’s time for the Canadian Learning Bundle Sale! (And it’s not just for Canadians!) This sale includes over $450 worth of digital resources to help you on your homeschooling journey. Only for $27 Canadian! It features products that any homeschooler can benefit from, including some amazing planners for both homeschool moms and students, wisdom on […]

FREE North America Printables


A study of North America may leave you looking for additional resources. These free printables will help your student to explore the flags and geography of Mexico, Canada, and the United States of America! Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online […]

FREE Canadian History Card Game

Date Dash Canada Card Game

In what year did Samuel de Champlain found Quebec City, the first permanent French colony in Canada? In what year did the Park Royal Shopping Centre open in West Vancouver, British Columbia? Welcome to Date Dash Canada, the multiple choice card game that tests your knowledge of Canadian history! The game includes two levels. Level One tests general […]

Spelling the Canadian Way, eh?


In Canada, there are some words that are spelled differently. It can be hard to find a way to help teach Canadian kids the proper way to spell these words, so here’s an activity pack to help with this challenge. This Canadian Spelling Pack includes: a table to compare Canadian and American spellings, flashcards, and […]