7 Book Report Alternatives to Get Kids Excited

7 Book Report Alternatives to Keep Kids Excited

This is a guest post by by Katie Hornor from ParadisePraises.com. When it comes to reading comprehension, written book reports are often the most common evaluation method. Depending on your child’s learning style, book reports can be one of the most dreaded assignments and one of the reasons many kids hate to read. If you want […]

How to: Matchbook Chapter Summaries for Novel Studies (Creative Book Report)


This is the most creative method I’ve ever seen for doing a book report! It’s perfect for children because it gives very specific parameters, and it involves the enjoyable creativity that art brings. No specific skill level is required as it is easy to scale back the five to seven sentences to fewer if your […]

3 FREE Respond to Text Printables (Book Reports)

respond to text.001

Oftentimes, students will groan when you ask them to use their own words to report on something they’ve just read. (At least mine do!) You can bring some fun energy to this important task with these free “Respond to Text” printables. (That’s basically a fancy way of saying “book report.”) Anything we can do to […]

FREE Printable Book Report Pack


Book reports are an important part of school work, but honestly, neither moms nor children are usually very excited about them. Make everyone’s life easier with this free, printable Book Report Pack! It includes a reading pack, worksheets, creativity prompts, and more to help your child get the job done!Click here to download your free […]

FREE Printable Newspaper for Reports


Homeschoolers are always looking for ways to do the ordinary in an extraordinary way. This free, printable Newspaper would be perfect for your elementary student to do a report. Science, history, English – no matter the subject, the newspaper layout is refreshingly creative! There are seven different styles to choose from.Click here to download your […]