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FREE Leaders of World War II Essay Questions, Part Five

Leaders of World War II Essay Questions, Part Five

Challenge your students to go deeper in their studies of these leaders of World War II. Discover the lives of Peter Fraser, Chiang Kai-shek, John Curtin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Louis Mountbatten, and be challenged to think critically about the legacies these heroes of England, New Zealand, Australia, China, and the United States left behind. A short bio […]

Free Book That Helps Learners Memorize The States And Capitals In Alphabetical Order

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There are different ways to try to memorize all the US states and capitals. But not many of them are fun. And that can land learners in a state of despair. Well, perhaps the problem is that the right way hasn’t been found yet. In this unique ebook about US geography, there are two fun […]

Complete Living Book List for Teaching Ancient History


Explore a list of over 150 living books for teaching Ancient History, Geography, Archaeology, Geology, Missionary Stories, and much more.  The master list of all the living books will provide a great guide/plan to use for your study of ancient history and a few other corresponding subjects (geography, archaeology, geology, and missionary studies, as well as […]

FREE Famous People Mini Quiz Pack Vol. 12 – Authors

Famous People Mini Quiz Pack Volume 12: Authors

This Famous People Mini Quiz Pack explores the lives of Beatrix Potter, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Pearl S. Buck, four famous authors. Learn about these women, their work, and what the world  was like in their day with this mini quiz pack that is perfect for upper middle school and high school students. These three […]

How to Build the Alamo: Day 5 Hands-on Learning (Free Texas Unit Study)


Learn how to Build the Alamo: Day 5 Hands-on Learning (Free Texas Unit Study). Building the Alamo is an amazing help and good way to learn about Texas and its geography. Texas is a larger than life state. Its really important in spearheading homeschool and a homeschooler’s rights. This makes learning about it even more important […]

LIMITED TIME FREEBIE-US History for Kindergarten: Foundations & Freedom

US History for Kindergarten-Foundations & Freedom

Teach your children about the French and Indian War, early conflicts between the colonies and Britain, the Founding Fathers, and the American Revolution with this history ebook, U.S. History: Foundations and Freedom. Each topic is broken into short, bite-sized pieces accompanied by simple, no-prep activities. You can work through the entire book or simply choose […]

Date Dash Finland – Finnish History Card Game

Date Dash Finland - Finnish History Card Game

In what year was Helsinki founded? In what year did Finland declare its independence? In what year was the civil flag adopted? Test your knowledge of the history of Finland with this free printable card game. All thirty questions include two levels of difficulty, so it’s perfect for middle school or high school. Or, combine it with other printable games in this […]