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This year we will be celebrating the wonderful milestone that every homeschool mom shoots for – a GRADUATE! Our oldest daughter will be graduating this year; a whole year early. When we started homeschooling her in Kindergarten I knew only one other person who was homeschooling – and she helped talk me into it. I was scared, nervous, felt inadequate, and had one foot out the door before we even started.

Like many of you, I skated my way through high school not having learned a whole lot, so when it came time to teach my own child, I did not feel equipped. Thankfully that doesn’t matter much to the Lord. I am grateful for a supportive husband who would not let me quit. Once I realized there was no option for me, since we could not afford private school and our public schools were horrible, I sucked it up and we trudged through. It didn’t take many years for me to fall in love with it though. 

Here we are at GRADUATION and I am overjoyed that we made it. There were some really rough homeschool years, but I found a way to change what we were doing to make it work for us. 


As Spring quickly approaches I have been gathering photos, planning a party, putting senior pictures in frames, and readying her high school transcript. I realized I also needed to order her high school diploma, cap and gown, and other memorabilia.

Homeschool graduation is a super important event for our kids (and parents too, we made it!) – we need to celebrate them. I knew I wanted something very nice and professional, but I didn’t want to break the bank, know what I mean?

I was introduced to Homeschool Diploma and was glad to see that they had options for every budget.

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I am a busy work-from-home mom and don’t like to have to search too hard for what I am looking for. I was so happy that I found this company because they made it super easy for me to “build” the exact kit that I wanted for my homeschool graduate. I didn’t really know “what” I wanted, but their step-by-step process made it a breeze for me to select items according to my budget.

While they are specifically geared to homeschoolers, they also offer diplomas and other graduation supplies for schools and groups. I like that homeschoolers are catered to though. :-)

There are numerous options and if you get overwhelmed easily, you can click here and just start putting together your kit “ala-carte.” That’s what I did. If all you are interested in is a beautiful high school diploma, you can create a custom one here. They offer  standard diplomaspersonalized diplomas, gilded diplomas, and even vintage diplomas

There are several choices that will fit into any budget. When you customize your homeschool diploma you will get to select the center seal:

Then you will input the graduate’s name, school information (did you name your homeschool – if not, now’s a good time to?), select one of 4 choices for the diploma wording,  add an optional verse or motto, select graduation date (we just input the month), and fill in the signature lines. There are two quality, acid-free diploma papers to choose from and you also select the font in this step. If your student is graduating with honors, you can add that info to the diploma as well. Next there are 7 cover choices with further customization options such as color and seal and you can add their name if you want to (we did!)

After you customize your homeschool diploma, you can decide if you want an extra “archive” diploma (this is what we will roll like a scroll at graduation) and an optional wallet diploma, which is what you see in the photo below in the right hand corner. The wallet diploma condenses the content of the main diploma into a portable version.

I am so very pleased with my package! I ordered it on the 13th, it shipped on the 16th (I had quite a bit of customization) and I received it on the 20th. Her diploma is just beautiful and so professional. I ordered her cap and gown in the “tribute” style and it has a nice sheen to it – it looks expensive and not cheap like some of the gowns I have seen over the years. I cannot recommend this company enough!

I want to show you a picture of my daughter’s diploma, but please keep in mind that it is hard to see the craftsmanship and quality from a photo. Originally I had thought to make my own high school diploma, but wow – I am so glad I chose to get one from HomeschoolDiploma.com instead. They are not overpriced and they are extremely professional and made with very high quality. 

I did mark out her name because we value our privacy, but as you can see – it looks so nice! We also ordered a separate one that can be rolled up and presented at graduation, as mentioned above. The one in the photo below will be signed and the little card on the right will be removed, of course. 

We will gladly recommend Homeschool Diploma to any homeschooler that is looking for a superior product that will not break the bank. I still cannot believe my baby is graduating our homeschool this Spring. I am so happy we chose to make the day special by ordering these high quality graduation supplies. 

Besides high school diplomas for homeschoolers, they also offer:

  • Customizable Diploma Covers in various colors with options such as adding seals, names, homeschool name, and styles
  • Caps & Gowns – Choices of fabrics and colors, along with tassel options and honors options. They also offer Kindergarten graduation gowns. 
  • High School Graduation Announcements – including thank you cards, photo announcements, traditional style announcements, and accessories.
  • Class Rings & Gifts – I always wanted a class ring when I was a teen. :-)

You can click here to view any current promotions.

On top of all of the gorgeous high school graduation accessories, they have a blog with some very helpful topics for parents preparing for homeschool graduation. Here are the ones I particularly found interesting:

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Written by Carrie


Carrie is the owner & operator of Homeschool Giveaways. She has been homeschooling for over a decade and has successfully graduated her first homeschooler. She has two girls and works side by side at home with her awesome husband. She has been saved by grace, fails daily, but continues to strive toward the prize of the high calling of being a daughter of the Most High God.

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