Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Fun Family Time

April 6, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I will NOT lie to you and say that every part of cleaning this season will be fun. However, try out these ways to make spring cleaning a fun family time . . . even though you’re cleaning.

Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Fun Family Time text and image of little girl using a squirt bottle to clean a table

Kids cringe when they hear about spring cleaning time. We even cringe yet know it is something we have to do.

One thing we have control over is how we approach the cleaning. Will it be a dreaded experience, where we feel we are pulling teeth to get things done well?

Or will spring cleaning be an experience that is full of (yes, a little dread) but lots of laughter and memories your family will never forget?

The choice is yours.

Explore these Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Fun Family Time this year and for years to come.

Make your own cleaning products as a family.

Many of us have gotten away from cleaning with toxic chemicals. We set a time to make solutions safe for your whole family.

It would be good to teach your kids about why you are using homemade solutions and their benefits. Best of all, since the solution is safe, gather the whole family and teach them to make the solutions as well. Can anyone say – STEM?!

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Play spring cleaning games.

From Silly Sweeper Races and Laundry Toss games,  making cleaning all about games means the house gets clean and kids actually enjoy the cleaning process.

Below you will find some games to try at home.

Kids Spring Cleaning Bingo Game | Honeybear Lane

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Spring Cleaning Game with FREE Printables | The Cards We Drew

3 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun with Games for the Kids | Best Pick Reports

Set the timer.

1,2,3 . . . GO! Let’s face it. Our kids probably would rather do anything else but clean. So, try out something different. Assign chores and set the timer so everyone tries to complete their chores as fast as they can before the timer goes off.

Sweet and short sessions can be really effective compared to long-drawn-out cleaning marathons. Make tidying up a contest, and you all will have loads of fun!

Have some dance party fun while you clean.

Why not have a dust dance party? I say, YES! My family is, literally, all about dancing, except for my husband.

I have always played salsa music as I clean, and my kids have grown accustomed to it. I dance my way around the kitchen, and there is no reason why my kids can’t do the same.

Sometimes dance really just brings joy. Whether you like to dance or not, dancing and cleaning will create fun memories your whole family will cherish.

Use rewards to motivate spring cleaning.

Cleaning should be a given in your home. In my home, their reward is usually – SURPRISE – you get a roof over your head and a free meal.

Yet, once and a while, it won’t hurt to throw in some rewards for the whole family to create some motivation and break up the monotony. An online game? A new book? A favorite family meal or movie? 

Join spring cleaning challenges.

Cleaning challenges as a family gives the family a clear, manageable goal to focus on during spring cleaning. BUT . . . you are doing it together.

Let your kids pick what treat they want once the whole challenge is done.

30 Day Family Home Cleaning Challenge + FREE Printable Cleaning Calendar | See Mama Go

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Create a spring cleaning playlist with the family.

Ask the kids to write down three upbeat and fun songs and add them all to a list. Make a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs to hear as you all clean.

Do chores together, sometimes.

We know it is not possible for you all to clean together all of the time. Sometimes we just need the chores to get done and be done in a timely manner. We get it.

Once in a while, make a list of cleaning goals and tackle the tasks together. Getting tasks done faster together is a great motivator. You can all also tell jokes and just enjoy each other’s company as you go.

Break every 20 minutes for an exercise that your kids pick.

Get a pen and paper out and have each person select a different simple exercise to do. Then every 20 minutes, you all have to stop and do that exercise for a minute. Movement and chores are a win/win.

Let everyone have their own supplies.

Having a cleaning supply storage kit is extremely helpful. Having one specifically for you is even better.

Get everyone their very own cleaning supply storage mobile caddy. It is worth the sacrifice, trust me.

Purchase a caddy with their favorite colors and let them pick their own cleaning bottles for your homemade solutions. You will be surprised at how motivating their own caddy will be on cleaning day or cleaning times during the day.

Allow kids to trade spring cleaning tasks at commencement.

Once you have made your cleaning checklist, assign duties. Tell the family members they have 2 minutes to discuss and swap chores if they want to. YOU can swap too!

Pick the spring cleaning chores from a fishbowl.

Write down the different chores on small equal-size papers and fold them. Place them in a container or fishbowl (an empty one of course) and allow your kids to select the chores they will be responsible for that day.

Grab these whole family spring cleaning free printables and checklists:

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Explore these tools to help you get the MOST out of your spring cleaning goals this year:

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Spring is here, and cleaning is a given. The thing to think about is will you make it fun this year or will you just do the same old dreaded thing over and over?

Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Fun Family Time text with image of a family cleaning and scrubbing floors together smiling

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