Ways to Learn About the Major Cities of the World

March 7, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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There are plenty of reasons cities are famous – and infamous – in our world. Read about some various ways to learn about the major cities of the world.

Ways to Learn About the Major Cities of the World text with image of a map and several pins in it

Many factors come into play when a city is considered major, infamous, or influential.

A few characteristics of major cities are business activity, tourism, culture, political engagement, human capital, and more.

In all the material that I have researched, the top two major cities of the world are almost always the same, except they are interchangeable between 1st and 2nd place. The cities are New York and London.

New York City

New York City, being the home of Wall Street and the United Nations amongst a slew of other things, has kept New York at the top of the heap.

Between New York City’s amazing restaurants for everything you can think of, hustle/bustle, Broadway, and the infamous 9/11 attacks at the Twin Towers, it’s safe to say that most of the world considers it a major city.


London is home to Europe’s financial hub. However, for millennia it’s been the home of outdoor adventures, hunting grounds for kings and queens, country estates, and historical sites like Big Ben.

I am a huge fan of city life. I think it is hilarious the Lord chose to send me to a place with no city life.

Maybe God did it to humble me a bit or so that I can rely on Him more. Either way, I am convinced there are angels eating popcorn chuckling at my city slicker ways in slow island life.

Whether you live in a busy city or enjoy the quiet of slower ones, it is important we teach our kids about major cities of the world.

Your students will hear about the major cities of the world as they grow older and will greatly benefit from knowing about them.

Explore these resources about major cities and ways to learn about the major cities of the world:

World’s Best Cities

Major Cities of the World | Quizlet

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2021 | AFAR

14 Top Cities in the World to Visit | Planet Ware

The 10 Most Popular Cities | CNTraveler

FREE “Less Mess” Explore the World: Research a Country or City | The Peanut Gallery

City of the Day – Daily Geography – FREE SAMPLE CITY | Smart 2 Heart Creations

Select a few major cities and focus on them in your studies. Search through lists of the world’s major cities above and let your kids select 5 to 10 to explore and focus on.

Below you will find information resources, activities, crafts, books, and virtual tours for ten major cities of the world.

You can use this as a framework to start learning about major cities in your homeschool.

New York

FREE New York City Word Search | Puzzles-to-Print

New York FREE Printables | ThoughtCo.

City Bingo: New York City FREE Download | Education.com

Virtual Field Trip of New York City | Wow Travel Agency

Homeschool Unit Studies: FREE New York City Unit Study and Book List| Look We’re Learning

FREE New York City Unit Study | Year Round Homeschooling

A view of a city


FREE London Activity Book | In the Playroom

7 Fun Art Projects and Crafts about London For Kids | Life with 4 Boys

Kids Books Set in London | Sloely

Children’s Book set in London | Pragmatic Mom

24 Fascinating London Facts For Kids  | The London Mother


In The Art Room: Making a Collage Paris | Cassie Stephens

Best Children’s Books for a Trip to Paris | KidsTravelBooks

FREE Paris Coloring Pages | MisAdventures

Make a Travel Brochure for Paris FREE Download | Education.com

Arts & Crafts: Glittery Eiffel Tower | Practical Mama

Pretzel Eiffel Tower | Edible Crafts

Welcome to Paris Virtual Tours | You Visit


3 Russian Crafts for Kids | Having Fun at Home

St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow CRAFT | Painted Paper Art

Center of Moscow FREE Coloring Page | Coloring Pages 101

Moscow City Virtual Tour | P4Panorama

FREE Moscow Facts & Worksheets | KidsKonnect


FREE Tokyo Word Search | Puzzles to Print

Tokyo Facts & FREE Worksheets | KidsKonnect

Tokyo Facts and Information (Interactive) | Mocomi

Facts for kids – Tokyo | Kids.Kiddle

Welcome to Tokyo Virtual Field Trip | You Visit


Rome Unit Study – Geography and Unit Study Books | Highhill Education

FREE Rome Facts & Worksheets | KidsKonnect

Rome Information and Facts | KidzSearch

8 Rome Museums to Visit from Home | Mama Loves Rome

Virtual Field Trip to Rome | VirtualFieldTripsnet

Washington D.C.

FREE Printables and Resources About Washington, D.C.

Free Printables and Resources About Washington, D.C. text with image of national monument

The Best Educational Virtual Field Trips To Washington DC | Education Possible

Washington DC Resources for Homeschool or Travel | Ben and Me

The Interactive Virtual Tour of Washington, D.C. | America’s HomePage

31 Washington, D.C., Books For Kids To Add To Your Shelf | DC Travel Mag

Hong Kong

FREE Printable Facts about Hong Kong | Making Friends

Fun Hong Kong Facts for Kids | Mom on the Move

10 Fun Facts about Hong Kong | MultiCultural Kids Blog

Mandarin Orange Tree Art! | Activity-Box

Virtual Tour of Hong Kong with Drone Footage | Virtual World Travels


FREE Singapore Unit Study | Adventures in Mommydom

Singapore Theme Learning Activities and Shelf | Happy Tot Shelf

Virtual Museum Tours in Singapore | Sassy Mama

Use notebooking to help your kids explore 50 major cities’ history and geography.

FREE Cities Around the World Notebook

Cities of the World Notebooking Activity text with background image of a view of a city

Head over to the library to check out books all about the major cities of the world:

City And Town Life: A List of books For Kids | bookroo

Little Kid, Big City THE BOOK SERIES

12 Children’s Books That Take You On A Big City Adventure | Red Tricycle

Teach Kids About Life in the Big City With These 10 Great Picture Books | Next City

Learn About Cities Two Ways From Lonely Planet Kids | GeekDad

Explore map games and activities for the major cities.

Maps for National Geographic Traveler | Hennie Haworth

World: 25 Major Cities – Map Quiz Game | Seterra

Geography Games Capital Cities of Europe | Ducksters

At the end of your unit, try exploring your own city or town.

Have your child get to know their own city/town. They can take a tour of an area or the whole city if it is small enough. Kids can jot down the landmarks, roads, look on Google Earth, and draw their city.

Take your major city geography studies to the next level with our Daily Skill Building Geography Activity Pack and the awesome resources below.

Recommended Resource: Geography Activity Pack

Students will explore every independent country in the world plus discover the most significant mountains, deserts, rivers, and lakes with this huge Geography Activity Pack.

geography learning activity printables and workbook

World Geography Copywork

Geography Notebooking Research Journals

Incorporating Geography with Other Subjects

Geography Scramble Series

Budget Friendly Ways to Explore Geography

How to Teach Geography to the Child Who Hates Geography

Big List of FREE History/Geography Apps

How to Teach Geography without Using Curriculum

I miss the city the life, although it may not be where the Lord wants me and I am OK with that. Until then, I will teach my kids about major cities around the world and enjoy where the Lord has me now, right in the middle of His will – the very best place to be.

Ways to Learn About the Major Cities of the World text with image of a map and several pins in it


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