Track All Your Swapped Curriculum

June 6, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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After homeschooling for some time, we begin to see that there are actually affordable options to homeschooling and swapping curriculum is one. Learn to track all your swapped curriculum with this useful freebie.

curriculum swap tracker

Many people have the idea that homeschooling is expensive. Aside from them thinking curriculum costs a lot, the idea of only having one income really scares them. If you get involved in a homeschooling community, curriculum swapping can have awesome benefits.

Coordinating a book and coordination swap would be amazing. Another thing you can do is use this free curriculum swap tracker to keep things in order. It may be slightly chaotic to keep things in order. You will look for a resource and forget you let someone borrow it.

This curriculum tracker is perfect for when you swap resources with other homeschoolers. This free tracker allows you to:

  • log the date
  • the resource
  • who it is from
  • or who it was lent to at the end of the year

Grab your FREE curriculum swap tracker from Life Beyond the Lesson Plan.

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