Take a 30-Day Challenge to Renew Your Mind

March 6, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Start anew with this 30-day “Renewing Your Mind” Bible challenge. Have you started your new year off right or have things seemed to start off on a downward slope? I have felt like that at times. Wondering why I feel the way I feel or why things seem to go the opposite of where I am headed to. Yet, encouragement and sovereign grace isn’t too far away when you need it. It is laid out right in God’s Word.

30-day challenge renewing my mind

We really can’t control the things around us. Life has its ebbs and flows, its hills and valleys, its joys and pains. What matters is what we do with these times that reflects our true character—and boy is our character ugly sometimes. OK, I meant “me”. “My” character is ugly sometimes. This post helped me as it reminded me to evaluate how I am responding to life. Was I allowing God’s Word to change me, or renew my mind? I haven’t been, but I am tired of me and I am ready.

Will you guys take this 30-day challenge with me? If you don’t think you need it, do you know someone who does? We are to walk our walks together and edify each other. Let’s help each other fill the earth with His glory, hear what He says, and then actually do it. Come on, let’s be refreshed and renewed in the mind with His good Word.

Don’t go another month without starting anew this year with the 30-day “Renewing Your Mind” Bible challenge from Wildly Anchored.

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