Summer Reading Logs and Reading Trackers

June 7, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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These free summer reading logs and reading trackers will help you to keep your kiddos engaged with books during the summer season at home – and not be miserable.

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Set a Designated Reading Time

I remember trying to get my kids to read daily just by telling them they had to read. I was working outside the home and wanted to be sure my kids were reading. 

“Time for reading!” I would yell to them as I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. How effective was that? Not at all really.

I still had to stop what I was doing to make sure they were reading and by that time they were too fussy, sleepy, or spaced out to sit and read. Time was just a little crazy at a point in our lives.

When life calmed down a bit and I was able to homeschool, I realized that using tools like reading logs and reading trackers assisted me with making sure my kids were progressing in reading.

The logs and trackers were fun for them and they kept my kids on track with their summer reading  – total mommy win.

What is a reading log?

A reading log is like a journal for recording reading activity. It holds data like what a student is reading when they read, and how many pages they read.

What is a reading tracker?

Reading trackers just basically keep track of the books you read, are going to read, or want to read in the future. Sometimes reading trackers will have places for you to rate books or leave remarks, other times, they just track time spent reading.

Should we ditch reading logs?

I recently read that reading logs could ruin reading for kids. The article stated that using reading logs would take the love of reading  from the kids. It said that keeping track of reading time turns into a chore and eliminates reading for pleasure.

I completely disagree. This can get controversial, but I feel strongly about this one. As an adult, I had to force myself to read because I was NEVER forced to read as a child. Using reading logs and reading trackers enforces and builds a habit of reading, which is what our goal should be!

Is summer reading important?

Summer reading can be fun for kids as you can lighten up on what is assigned to read. Kids can read about their interests, as long as they are logging in what they read.

Reading during the summer months also helps students keep their minds active and learning. Kids maintain literacy skills and research shows reading has helped fight the infamous summer slide.

Yes, summer reading is totally important. Read more about why summer reading is important at

Free Summer Reading Logs & Summer Reading Trackers

Get your kids on the summer reading bandwagon by utilizing printables for summer reading. If you’d like, you can even incorporate book reports and offer prizes.

Explore these free summer reading logs, and summer reading trackers for your students this season.

Summer Reading Logs

Summer Reading Logs Printable Pack – No matter what types of books your kids are into, just keeping them reading is essential throughout the year – yes, even in the summer. Are your kids into baseball, ballet, or bears? Grab some books that kids are interested in and use this printable pack to log them all in.

Summer Reading Logs for Kids – Encourage summer reading for kids and avoid the summer slide. These book-a-day reading logs are perfect for both of these summer goals in your homeschool.

Reading Logs for the Summertime – These printable reading logs are great motivation for your kids to pick up books during the summer vacation. This particular printable will help track the books and the number of pages your kids read.

Summer Reading Tracker & Logs

Free Reading Tracker and Log –  Grab this simple reading log so kids can read over the summer and avoid the summer slide. Reading assignments are great to keep your kids reading and learning in the summer.

Printable Summer Reading Log for Kids – It’s important to keep your child’s mind active during the hot summer months. Some of our kids love to read and some don’t – at all. Either way, this printable resource will help motivate them all to log the books they have read.

Kids Summer Log for Reading – Are your kids ready for summer? They may be ready to jump full swing into the summertime shenanigans. Thankfully, reading can be slid into their summer routine easily with these printable reading logs.

Time to Read Log Printable to Time a Child’s Reading –  If your goal is to set certain time periods for your kids to read per day or a large amount by the end of the summer, then this is the reading log for your students. The ideal in my home is 20 minutes per day. What is your goal? Grab this freebie to help.

reading log chart for kids

Summer Reading Tracker

Bookmark Printable Summer Reading Tracker – Why print out a sheet of paper to track your child’s reading progress in the summer, when they can use a bookmark to do it all themselves!? When kids can log their progress on a bookmark, they can easily travel with the reading tracker. They even can take them on road trips or camping trips.

Printable Tracker Summer Book – Of course, we don’t want to just skip learning and reading altogether during the summertime. We can let kids have lots of fun but still get reading in to keep their brains stimulated. Check out this summer book reading log to capture what they have read.

Track Summer Reading with this Printable – Even if you have reluctant readers at home, grab this printable to track your student reading. Don’t miss the tips on this link for the rules of summer reading like what types of books for your child, incentives, and more.

Summer Reading Trackers

Free Classical Conversations Summer Reading Tracker – If you have Classical Conversations (CC) students at home, then this reading tracker will be perfect for them. Get ahead of the CC book list throughout the year with this reading tracker for the summer.

Editable PDF Reading Tracker Chart – With this tracking resource kids will understand their start goal, the pages per day they are supposed to read, write down their notes, end times, and the date they finished the book. This is a 2-page printable which can also be used as a summer reading challenge chart.

3 Different Versions Reading Trackers – Your older students will enjoy these reading trackers to track the different genres they read. One version is a number editable resource designed for MacBooks, iPads, or iPhones which include a drop-down box for the genre of books. There is also a Google Sheets version and a PDf version.

Summer Reading Activities & Ideas:

How to Encourage Reading at Home with Printables – Check out a free printable list of activities along with some screen-free reading tricks, tips, and more to help your students read more at home.

Activity Packet for Summer Reading – Looking to encourage daily reading and reflecting over the summer months? This free summer reading activity packet for ages 6-13 will help you be intentional about keeping your student’s summer full of rich reading fun.

Summer Reading Ideas for Kids – Don’t miss these summer reading ideas for kids to enjoy with free printables to use. Sometimes it can be hard for us to select reading materials, but you can use the summer for light reading and helpful ideas with this list.

Summer Reading Printables:

190+ Printable Emergent Readers – If you need some resources for your kids to read this summer, then don’t miss this amazing list of free emergent readers for your little ones. You will find so many topics for your kids to read about from telling time math readers to President’s Day readers.

Free Summer Reading Printables – Help to improve your child’s reading with these free reading challenges, bookmarks, and more for the summer. They will go great alongside the reading logs and trackers listed above.

little girl reading a red book outside on the grass with text above Free Summer Reading Printables

Reading Challenge Printables:

Summer Reading Pack and Challenge – Your young learners will be stoked to start reading this morning with these reading printables for the summer. Some of the printables include a Read to 100 Chart, bookmarks, and awards.

Reading Challenge Summer Printables – A good challenge will motivate any student to read more this summer. This summer reading pack includes a Summer Bingo Reading game, Read & Color 10 Book Challenge, Read & Color 5 Books Bookmark, Stackable Ice Cream Reading Chart, and Summer Reading Log.

100 Book Challenge Free Printables – These adorable reading challenge printables for the summer will help make your child’s reading journey this summer fun and enjoyable. The printables include reading logs split into 10 books per page, bookmarks for 10 books, and the 100 book challenge.

Making reading a habit in the home creates a lover of reading. I strongly agree with that. And it all begins with us. We can be the examples we want for our children and be readers as well.

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